Hot Topic

I was briefly watching The View this morning (sometimes that’s the only way I get my news. Pathetic, no?) when they started talking about Gisele Bundchen (you know… one of the world’s hottest women…) and breastfeeding. Two things you don’t often hear together, but of course it caught my attention, being a mommy-to-be and all.

Apparently Gisele wants there to be a worldwide law (in her opinion, peeps) “that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

WHAT, GISELE?! A law? You want to put a law on my lady lumps? Puh-lease! They’re mine and I’d like to keep them that way, thank you much. Now, personally, I plan on breastfeeding my baby. For one, I want her to receive all the immunity and nutrients. Two, I look forward to that mother-daughter-bond-slash-connection. With that being said, I know there’s a chance that either (a.) I won’t be able to produce enough milk, or (b.) my baby could be allergic. You never know.

But besides that… I would NEVER judge a woman if she decided not to breastfeed. It’s her decision. No one else’s. 

Here’s an article about if from CNN:

Your thoughts?


  • kBw

    I agree with you. When/if Mr.B and I get pregnant I would like to breastfeed but I like that the decision is left up to me. A law? No thank you!

  • Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma

    I have it on my dvr and now Ive got to watch it! A law?? That is insane! Does she not get that some women just cant bf? I was only able to bf for 1 week because of medical problem and some of my friends gave me so much greif about it. People get crazy about this subject!

  • Tatiana

    That's nutso! I mean I plan on breast feeding my baby too, but no one is going to tell me how, when and for how long I'm going to use my ta-tas!

  • Kelly

    Arg, that is sooo frustrating! Althought I plan to breast feed too, it is a woman's choice!! That is soo ignorant to think that it is okay to make such a law. Whatever… 😉

  • Marissa

    Fo reals?! She said that!? I usually watch The View, but I missed that episode. I love Gisele, but that was an ignorant comment. She must not know why some woman aren't able to breast feed. I know a girl that simply doesn't produce milk. I also know plenty of people who got mastitis. I bf Story as long as I could, but between me and her, things weren't jiving after 5 or 6 months. I should have eaten more oats. 🙂 Silly Gisele.

  • Vanessa

    Ok, I didn't hear about this until I read your post. I don't like her now. That is an awful thing to say! I wasn't able to BF because of medical reasons and then my milk never came in. Um, how does Gisele suggest I remedy that??