7 Months!

Emmalyn Grace

You are 7 months old!
{June 17, 2011} 

7-Month Baby Stats
You’re still a sleeping champ, kiddo! Averaging in at 11 to 12 hours per night, there’s no complaining here. Just lots of thanks to The Big Man Upstairs.

Daily Routine
Here’s the low-down:
Lately you’ve been waking up closer to 8am. You play for an hour on the dot, then go down for a nap that has actually been getting shorter; about 45 minutes [boo!]. After your first nap, mommy feeds you solids (usually oatmeal with a fruit). Then it’s whatever we want to do–play, errands, be outside…
Later in the afternoon you chow down on some more solids. By then, it’s usually bath time {which you STILL love!} followed by a bottle, book, songs, & prayers.

I’m so glad you are such an easy-going/laid back baby. There are times when we are out past your bedtime and you just  go  w i t h  t  h  e    f   l   o   w
{thank you!}

This month, you were introduced to carrots, bananas, oatmeal, turkey, yogurt melts, & spinach.
The yogurt melts did not go over too well. I don’t think they melted fast enough..?
Initially, turkey was not a hit, but last night, you gobbled them up pun intended mixed with sweet potatoes.

At birth: 6lbs 14oz
Current: 15 + ?

At birth: 20 inches
Current: No idea… at least 25.5 inches

Diaper Size


Clothes Size
Anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: light brown

Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
Current: 100% Brown-Eyed Beauty

Mommy’s favorite moments

I love how observant you are. You study & take in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g around you. I love watching you explore–touching new textures, searching for new sounds, & pushing your limits.


I was spying on you on the video monitor & witnessed you try to pull yourself up. Sorry, sweetie, but the breathable bumper is not going to hold your cute, chubby legs 😉

You’ve started crawling! It’s uneasy and inconsistent, but you’re determined! You look like the hungry caterpillar creeping through a cupcake and slice of pie.

{i promise i’ll upload a video asap!}

Your favorite toy

Anything and everything you can get your hands on. You reach for everything in your sight. Gone are the days of leaving things around the house. & if mommy would let you have my iPhone, that would be your toy of choice.


First time you sucked on some paper & gagged on it. {like i said… no leaving things around the house anymore!}

Carrots, Bananas, Oatmeal, Turkey, Spinach
First trip to the BEACH!!!

 {this face reveals your reaction to the first touch of sand. priceless. doesn’t every mom need one like this for the books?!}

{you ended up patching up your relationship with the sand, but weren’t too keen on the waves. You much preferred to sit in a puddle of water and sand under the umbrella}


Memorial Day 
{thanks troops! especially daddy!}

Met cousins Elena & David, & their three children, Kenna, Evynn, & Jesse, from Texas.

 {i die for this pic. i love how evynn is holding emmy’s head & kenna is kissing her arm}
You are now holding your bottle yourself 
{my life just got a whole lot easier!}
First cold 🙁
But you are feeling much better now!


happy 7 months baby girl!

i love you, emmycakes!

forever your mommy!



  • Corinne

    Oh my goodness gracious I cannot believe it's been 7 months already! She's absolutely beautiful, Katie! That picture at the beach, on my goodness as bad as I felt for her, I still managed to giggle – what a priceless photo!