24 Weeks

How far along?
24 weeks.
[Headband is made by Katie @ Loves of Life]

Total weight gain:
Apparently 10lbs. I weighed myself at the gym [they have the same scale as doctor’s offices] but there’s no way I gained 6 pounds in a week so I must have been completely off last week. Either way, I’m happy this number went up because I was beginning to get a little worried I wasn’t gaining enough. [This is the only time you’ll hear me say that!]

Maternity clothes?
Yep! Still lovin’ me some sundresses and shorts, although when I’m home during the day I just wear comfy cotton shorts and a cami.

It’s been great, except Wednesday night was horrendous! I could not.stop.sneezing. and blowing my nose to save my life! I felt so bad for my hubby since he had to wake up early for med school, so I laid on the couch from 3:30-7:30 in the morning, sneezing and watching TV.

See above. Two days this week my allergies have been pretty awful. Like, I can’t do anything else because of them. No bueno. Oh! And last Saturday, I randomly threw up. No idea why. I felt completely fine after and went on to a BBQ with B, where I inhaled ate not one, but two hot dogs… and enjoyed every minute of it.

What I’m looking forward to:
Little Miss’s baby bedding coming in! We FINALLY decided on it. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post about it, check it out here.

The same night I slept on the couch, I had a huge craving for Eggos with peanut butter. Now, I’ve had little bursts of cravings here and there, but none that made me stop.thinking.about.everything.else. But this Eggo craving, my friends, had to be given into. YUM.

Nothing. I’ve finally gotten better about eating chicken and veggies. (Forcefully, though)

Best moment this week:
Packing away 2 large and 1 extra-large Space Bags full of clothes I won’t need until next year, and made A LOT more room in my closet. Plus, I cleaned out my junk drawers [yes, plural] and I actually have empty shelves in my closet. Wahoo!! It feels so good to look in there and see it all neat and orderly.

This girl doesn’t stop! She was up keeping me company Wednesday night. Either that, or she was saying, “Hey Mom, you better get used to this…” 😉

Little lady

Belly button in or out?
Well, it’s kind of gone back in (for now) and that’s fine by me!

What I miss:
HOT baths! I reeeeaaallllyyyy needed a good bath the other night. Just time to sit, listen to John Mayer Pandora, light a candle, and just relax. Well, baths these days just aren’t like they used to be. And I’m a bath girl. And I like them h.o.t. Like so hot it’s not even good for you. But, of course, this is a pregnancy no-no, so instead, I soaked in cold warm-ish water. It was still relaxing, at least for a little while. I hope when the chickadee comes I’ll still be able to take a nice, hot bath every year once in a while.

Weekly wisdom:
Listen to your body. I worked out too much this week and it sure caught up with me. Monday I did prenatal yoga (DVD), Tuesday I went to the gym and did cardio and weights, Wednesday I did prenatal yoga again, plus cleaned out my entire closet/drawers, and by the end of the day on Wednesday I was sore! My back and feet hurt so bad. [But thank goodness for the.best.hubby.ever. because he gave me a nice massage!]

Baby girl is over a pound now, and her taste buds are continuing to develop. Maybe it was really her who was craving those eggos! 

Favorite moments:
Everything! I had the remote control on my belly the other night and could see it moving when she kicked! =P


  • Katie

    Oh my gosh!! that one looks so cute on you!! secretly..that was my favorite! It's so vintage and just soooo pretty.

    Thanks dear! you are looking FAB pregnant 🙂

  • LeAnna

    Blog hopped here from Laura @ Cowboy Boots and Baby Booties. You're only a few weeks behind me, and I'm having a little girl, too. So fun! I totally agree about the hot bath thing, I miss them terribly!

  • Kelly

    Eeeee!! How FUN would that have been to see the remote move on your belly, how fun!! 😀 Glad to hear that you're listening to yourself– don't push yourself too hard!! Looking adorable as ever 😀

  • Luke and Marissa

    I know I have said this before, but I love to read these updates. You look super cute. I totally forgot about the bath thing. I don't take baths very often, but when I do, I like them sizzling hot! For some reason when I was pregnant, I wanted to take a hot bath every day. Such a temptation.

  • Corinne

    The headband is adorable! You look amazing and it sounds like you are doing really well!! It also sounds like you are keeping yourself SUPER busy, which is both good and bad – make sure you make some time for yourself!!
    Have a great weekend!

  • kBw

    You are so precious! I love the headband, it is so cute 🙂 I am totally a hot bath person, too. It is going to be very hard to give that up, although I've already been keeping mine to a warm rather than hot temp. Happy Tuesday sugar! xo