The Love Letters Archive

Think of ‘The Love Letters’ as a teaspoon of honey, straight to your inbox.

Once in a while you’ll receive an informal and personal message from me, filled with something I’m loyal to, something I’m currently loving (whether it be an idea, person, or product), and something I’m learning — as well as first dibs on new blog posts.

My hope is for these love letters to be encouraging + uplifting… and short and sweet, because: Life Is Busy!

But I pray it’s the good kind of busy–the simple kind, the kind that fills your heart with richness, rather than weighs you down.

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The Love Letters

The Love Letters Are Back!

  • Problems / Homeschooling / Trust the Process

The 12th Love Letter

  • Prayer Life / Advent / 2019 Reflection

The 11th Love Letter

  • Going on a bear hunt with Grief

The Tenth Love Letter

  • Writing Life / New Home / Authenticity

The Ninth Love Letter

  • Morning Routine / New Neighborhood / Instagram

The Eighth Love Letter

  • Growing a Garden / Loving Trash (?!) / A New House

The Seventh Love Letter

  • New Traditions / The Kids Are Growing Up / Creating Space

The Sixth Love Letter

  • I’m Currently…

The Fifth Love Letter

  • A Birthday / Coffee Recipe / The Importance of Being Silent

The Fourth Love Letter

  • A Writing Promotion / Sparking Joy / A New Routine

The Third Love Letter

  • Christmas in Florida / Cinder & Sky Nail Wraps / Simplicity as an Idol

The Second Love Letter

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter / Peppermint Tea + Dark Chocolate Honey Mints / Simplicity + Social Media Detox

The First Love Letter

  • Who Am I To Judge / Living in California / The Whole-Brain Child