New Year: 19 for 2019

Every year, my favorite “happiness guru” Gretchen Rubin puts out a list of things she wants to accomplish throughout the year.

Similarly, I created a “31 in 31” in 2017, when I turned–you guessed it–31! You can check that out here.

The fun part is there are no limitations and you can include anything on your list.

My “19 for 2019” list:

1. See Gretchen Rubin speak in San Diego (& get a picture)

2. Write *something* every day

3. Move to the east coast (this summer!)

4. Go on a weekend getaway with my husband (no kids!)

5. Create and stick to a budget

6. Update will

7. Buy a new bra when finished nursing

8. Create photo books from each location we’ve lived in

9. Send out a “Love Letter” (my blog’s newsletter) once a month

10. FaceTime (grand)parents once a week

11. Go to Confession

12. Try a new class

13. See Matthew Kelly speak in San Diego

14. Continue Bible study

15. Volunteer

16. Pick up my grandmother’s piano from West Virginia

17. Embrace the adventure of driving across the country with three kids and a dog

18. Learn more about and/or practice (any type of) mindfulness once a week

19. Stay current on events happening around the world

It’s not too late to create a list of your own. If you do, please share–I’d love to cheer you on!