Trust the Process

My latest favored mantra, “Trust the Process” works for every undertaking in my life right now. 

My dad’s death? Trust the grief process.

Navigating Emmalyn’s adolescence? Trust the process of natural development and growth.

Adelaide learning how to read? Trust the process of timing and sequence of progression.

Buying a house? Trust the realtor’s process.

Writing a book? Trust the process from experts who have gone before me; who have done “the dirty work” and can offer sage advice.

Military life? Trust the process. If you’re in the military, you know there’s a Process you’re not in control over.

I didn’t discover the phrase “Trust the Process” until recently joining hope*writers. From hearing it first said between a conversation with Emily P. Freeman and Holley Gerth, it has not only become a recurring theme in my life, but when reflecting back on major life events I can see how it was modestly brewing.

Even when I was hospitalized for postpartum depression over ten years ago? Yup. Having triumphantly come out the other side, I can see there was a process in place all along — ask for help, live in a psychiatric inpatient facility for a week, attend an outpatient program five days a week for six hours a day for a month, go to therapy three days a week, then two days, then one day… all of this, for a long time. It was quite an affair to my recovery! At the time I didn’t trust the process — not one bit.

But it’s through that life-altering experience I’m able to confidently Trust the Process for any situation in my life right now.

What about you? What’s currently happening in your life?

A teething baby? Trust the process. Afterall, it’s only temporary.

Potty-training? Trust the process. They won’t be in diapers forever.

Searching for a spouse? Trust the process. You have to weed and prune before you can bask in the harvest.

Searching for your purpose? Trust the process. Every event transpiring right now is escorting you towards your truest potential.