Wishful Wednesday: Character’s Role

Kelsey at The Seattle Smith’s topic for Wishful Wednesday is:
‘I wish’ …. I could play a character’s role in a book and it would be ______!
Hermione Jean Granger
[from Harry Potter, if you live under a rock]
I went with my first instinct here. If I thought about it a little longer I might have picked someone else, but since she was the first to pop in my mind, I’m going with it. Why would I want to play her? Because she’s BADASS, that’s why! First of all, she’s at the top of her class, excelling academically as a witch…. she’s completely passionate in everything she does… AND she’s fierce. [Um, hello, she knocked Malfoy a good one!]
If you haven’t read the Harry Potter series, you’re missing out! Honestly, I never thought I’d be one of “those people,” but I started reading the first one as a challenge to see what all the hype was about, and I’m proud to say I’m obsessed hooked! I can’t wait for the seventh movie to come out!!! Blake claims he’s a fan because he loves all the movies, but since he hasn’t read the books I call him a “half-blood fan.” [only HP fans will get this joke]
I know, I’m a nerd.
[Now, if I were to pick a non-fictional character, I would play Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love. (Well, I guess it’s more like a biography.) But still! She got to spend a year traveling to Italy, India, and Indonesia—eating, praying, and loving. What an adventurous experience! P.S. Julia Roberts will play this role in the movie that comes out this summer. I can’t wait!]
If you want in on the Wishful Wednesdays fun, hop on over to Kelsey’s blog at The Seattle Smith’s If you participated, post me your link so I can see who you chose!

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  1. i LOVE Hermione. I was gonna pick her, but then I thought about it more and more and went with someone else. But, man i wish I was her! I guess that makes us both Nerds?

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