Wishful Wednesday: 3 min

Wishful Wednesday
Kelsey at The Seattle Smith’s topic for Wishful Wednesday is:
            ‘I wish’… I could spend three minutes in _______’s shoes!
I pick…
Originally I was thinking I would want to spend three minutes in my mom or B’s shoes, so I can see what I’m like from their perspective, but heck! I’d want to have some Taylor-Swift-FUN!
Oh, and another thing… I wouldn’t want to spend just three minutes; I’d want to spend at least 3 days. She looks like she’s always having a blast. From rocking out on stage in sparkly dresses (adore) and cowboy boots (adore even more), to baking cookies with her best friends, and goofing around in panda shirts… She’s always handling herself with such poise and positivity (remember the jerk Kanye?) It’s rare  these days to find a celebrity that young girls can look up to. 
One more thing… I just love her hair!! Wouldn’t mind being able to keep it when I come back to reality.
P.S. I can’t wait to go see her in concert (again!) in March with my best friend and boyfriend!
(Well, that was fun!)
If you want in on the Wishful Wednesdays fun, hop on over to Kelsey’s blog at The Seattle Smith’s

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20 Replies to “Wishful Wednesday: 3 min”

  1. Great choice! She seems like someone I would have been friends with at her age for sure. She seems like such a SWEET and fun girl 🙂 I saw her in concert in 2008 and she was awesome. Hope your day is going well!

  2. Taylor is amazing. Reading that you have seen her in concert I can see even more why you picked her. Her concert was amazing and she is so incredibly grateful. I adore her. I am new to your blog and am now following. COme follow back if you would like.

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