Update: 101 Things to Do

Here’s an update of my 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. I’m coming quite along, if I do say so myself.

#10. Join a gym. (I recently joined our local YMCA. It’s awesome because it’s literally right next door to B’s med school.)
#36. Go pumpkin picking. (You can witness below!)

In progess:

#17. Write in diary at least once a week
#20. Stretch, every day
#21. Go to the Farmer’s Market at least 6 times (I’ve been once so far!)
#32. Go without Startbucks for an entire month (It’s been two weeks… but I’m supposed to have a book club meeting at Starbucks this weekend. I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist!)
#46. Read the Harry Potter series (I’m halfway through the 2nd book. I can’t put them down.)
#73. Go to yoga at least once a month (I’ve been twice in the last four days. Go me!)
#81. Wear sunscreen every day (YES! I use lotion with SPF 15 so it’s not greasy.)

I can’t wait to knock some more off my list.

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2 Replies to “Update: 101 Things to Do”

  1. You are doing so good, and I should follow your lead but I am scared to!!! I am scared I will screw it up!
    Good work and good luck with the Starbucks 😉

  2. I stumbled over here from Seatle Smiths and had to mention that I'm doing 101 too! Oh, and how I wish I could re-read the HP series right now (it's on my 101 too :-)) Hope that hurricane isn't giving you guys too much bad weather! Have a great day 🙂

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