Okay, so sometimes I have all these things I want to blog about, and other times, NADA. Sometimes, randomly throughout the week, I’ll think, Ooohh, I should blog about that! But then when I sit down at my laptop, I have already forgotten what was on my mind! Does this happen to anyone else??

I guess I could start with something that really irked me this week. (Hey, who says blogging always has to be upbeat, right?!) I was running an errand at Wally World and was waiting patiently for a parking spot. This sweet elderly man was taking his dear ‘ole time backing up his Lincoln. I felt really bad because a line was starting to form behind me, but in all fairness, I had my turn signal on. (Plus, I really.hate.parking.far.away.by.myself.) I was starting to inch forward, but this man was making an 8-point turn backing up. Right when I’m about to pull forward even more, this dude from at least two cars back zips in and takes my VIP spot!!! What a rude [insert choice of obscenity here]!!!!!
I know this isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but STILL! I laid on my horn as hard as I could and the jerk never even flinched. I could see the Dear.Old.Man.In.The.Lincoln. shouting something at him. When I passed the old man, he said to me, “What an @$$h0L3!” Thank you, Dear.Old.Man.In.The.Lincoln, for that. It made me feel just a little better.
(thanks for letting me vent)
On a happier note…. B’s White Coat Ceremony is next Saturday! A lot of my followers are Med School Spouses and so you know what this is all about, but for those of you who don’t…. It’s a ritual in medical school that marks the transition from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences. It can also be looked as a rite of passage. The WCC is a formal “cloaking” of students in, you guessed it, white coats—the select attire physicians have traditionally worn for over 100 years! Some schools hold the WCC at the beginning of the first year, but B’s school holds it at the beginning of the 2nd semester.
I’m really excited for his WCC. His parents and sisters are coming into town, as well as my parents. The only bummer is that his school only gives students three tickets to the ceremony! Three? That’s it?! So unfortunately only his parents and I will attend the WCC, but we’re so grateful everyone is still coming up to celebrate after.
I’ll be sure to post pics, as I know my boy will look oh-so-handsome in his white coat =)


  • Luke and Marissa

    Oh man, I don't even know what I would do if someone took my spot like that! Just thinking about that gets me riled up! Yay for WCC! We'll be seeing you there, I'm sure. We missed you at the shower. I'll post pics later so you can see. 🙂

  • KatherineAnne

    A lot of schools do the WCC at the beginning of the first year, but Mr. B's school doesn't do it until the middle of 2nd semester of their 2nd year.

    So his WCC is in March…and they only gave us three tickets too…What is up with that?!?

    I mean what if he had a large family or we had children or something…Anywho, Congrats to your man! I cannot wait to see pictures.

    It really is such a big moment for them! I hope you are having a great weekend!


  • Amy's Blog!

    Wait till you see how handsome he looks in it. gah, I still get all giddy when I see Matt leaving for work. I wish I got to see him more in it! Now the most I see of it is picking it up at the drycleaners.

  • Mrs. D

    Yikes – I hate parking space stealers. How frustrating.

    Yay for the white coat ceremony! It is such a beautiful commemoration of the transition into medicine… I loved my husband's WCC. Have fun!

  • Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole

    I can totally relate with the parking issue… for some reason the little things have been totally irking me lately, like REALLY irking me, like I am still bothered by it after the fact!
    Hope you enjoy the white coat ceremony – I wasn't able to be at my husbands as we were going to school 7 hours apart at the time. So enjoy it, it is a BIG day!