The Time We Became “The 3 Little Pigs”

This second day of January started off as a rough one. I woke up to Indy peeing on the bed. Yep. Then Emmalyn threw a tantrum because she didn’t want to hold a toy that she was …ehem… already holding. Seriously??

But the turbulent start got me reflecting on all The Little Things that means so much in life.

Like, how whenever Emmalyn comes to the doctor’s office with me for a well-prenatal checkup, she whispers, “Introduce me, Mommy.” And I have to announce to the doctor, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, introducing… Emmalyn Grace Van Brunt!”

Or, laughing about how Emmalyn tells her teachers at school that “Mommy does yoga and boring things” after I drop her off. Hey, if it gets her to go to school, go for it girlfriend!

Those are The Things that get me through the tough days.

And that’s just the beginning.

I love how Emmalyn always has to FaceTime with Joey, my parents’ dog–or else! She even goes so far as to ask BopBop if she can see the growing tomatoes in the backyard.

Karaoke dance parties for an adorable one year-old’s birthday party makes me smile. And the fact that his momma makes cupcakes with apples-and-bananas-slash-all-natural-no-added-sugar-ingredients just like me, makes me grin even wider.

& can we talk about the fact that living in Central Time Zone rocks my socks off because we got to watch the ball drop at 11pm instead of 12am? Therefore, this tired momma could go to bed an hour earlier? Yep. Smiling.

My love tank was filled to the brim when I witnessed my reluctant little nephew step outside the pew at church to follow Emmalyn into Liturgy of the Word. All by himself… for the first time. His braveness was inspiring, and the look on his proud little face when he came back melted my heart.

The two cousins, in general, melt my heart. Their opposite personalities attract one another, creating an inseparable bond. One I know they’ll have for life.

The guilt I feel for not sending out Christmas cards this year?? Gone. Gone because The Little Things filled me up to the fullest. And so what? There’s always Valentine’s Day… or Easter… or, well, let’s be real… I probably won’t send out family cards until it’s time for a Birth Announcement.

And that’s all right.

The biggest Little Thing took place when Emmalyn and I went to watch Daddy play basketball at the Y. The three of us were passing the ball back and forth before he played and Emmalyn said, “Look at us! We’re like The Three Little Pigs!” 

The Three Muskateers ain’t got nothin’ on us!

Happy 2014 to you, my friends!

May it be a year of lots of loving and learning.


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