Sneaky Peaky

Here’s just a little taste of my heavenly baby shower! 

Fortunately for Blake and me, we had so many people taking pictures for us. 
Unfortunately, that means I don’t have very many pictures to share right now. 
As soon as I do, I’ll be sure to post them!
But for now… ENJOY
{I know I did!}

The beautiful diaper cake my best friend/sorority sister/bridesmaid, Lauren made me:

My newborn hospital picture, and ‘Baby Blake’ 
{I could die over how cute he looks!}:

My bestie forever (since kindergarten!), Aunt Dana, flew in from NYC:

(most of) The Aftermath:

Oh! And what’s that I’m holding? 
Oh, just my new SLR, nobigdeal
Chrismakah came early this year, thanks to my amazing parents. They knew we’ve been wanting this little bad boy and knew the importance of having it before the chickadee makes her arrival. {And this far in the game, you just never know when that’ll be.} All the pictures above were taken with this camera (no edits, yo). Now y’all won’t have to suffer with crappy iPhone picsies 😉 I just gotta learn how to use it!


The baby’s shower was absolutely amazing. So many important people in our lives came out to celebrate our little girl. I feel truly blessed. I can’t wait to share more about it!!
 [And I’m sure some of y’all are dying to see all the goodies]

**In case anyone is wondering more specifically, the camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xs Black 10.1 MP Digital SLR with an 18-55-IS lens. 
My parents also got us a Canon EF-S 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS Optical Image Stabilizer Telephoto Zoom Lens**


  • Tatiana

    What a super fun weekend you had! It looks like your little diva will have a whole lot of new things to enjoy 🙂 I'm really excited about my next baby shower too, which will probably be in a few weeks 🙂
    You're just so adorable in that little red dress, too! And a big "yay" for the new camera!!!

  • Ashley

    Yay! You looks so cute in the red dress!! Although, I beg to differ about iPhone pic quality… for a phone it takes pretty good pics (the 4 anyway). ;p

  • Corinne

    EEEEK!! YAY for the camera!!! I was waiting for you to get one 😉
    I cannot wait to see all the pictures from your wonderful weekend – you looked amazing in the red dress!

  • Ams

    Well lookey at you go!! That's awesome 🙂 That camera – perfection… you are going to get some AMAZING pictures of the little girl.
    And how beautiful do you look in that dress? Seriously, gorgeous!
    You guys did good with all the goodies – you are all ready to go for your little baby girl!

  • Annie

    you scored all kinds of amazing gifts hun!! yay for a new camera!! 🙂 you look adorable!! baby is gonna be here before you know it! 🙂

  • Katie

    my quick camera tips are:

    1. do not use the flash. natural light is always the best.

    2. if you don't know how to shoot manually yet (thats how I do), then put it on the little running man setting, as it adjusts the light for you automatically. Unless its a really dark room or whatever, this takes great photos on this setting

    3. use the 55 mm when taking up close baby pictures…(when she comes!) its a gorgeous lens and makes for some beautifullllll pictures!

    have fun!

  • Luke and Marissa

    what? I thought I already commented on this post. I love the picture of you in that dress. and i love that you got your camera! I agree with katie, natural light is the bomb.com.