Saturday Morning Scene: Pedi’s & Blue Jays, & Baby, Oh My!

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on this hot, but gorgeous saturday morning, i brought the bambino over to my parents & headed off to the nail salon to get a little pedi.
in the midst of soaking up every minute in the heavenly massage chairs, i fell asleep.
& while i was asleep, i had a dream i was at my home and emmy was crying.
next thing you know, i am jumping out of the seat.
what a sight!
{oh, but it was a good sleep}
& guess what i found in the tree in our new backyard!
a cute widdle family of blue jay babies!
my saturday went by fast.
emmy & i shopped at the mall with my mama.
hey other mommies
have you ever noticed it takes TWICE as long to shop with a baby, not because the baby is acting up, but because e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e & their mother has to stop you to take a peak??
cracks me up. i can’t even count how many people today told me i “just made their day.”
makes ya feel good 😉
 {this face makes me feel good every day!}
the hubs went to pick up take-out from carrabba’s [my fav!]
then it’s SNL with my other husband Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga.
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3 Replies to “Saturday Morning Scene: Pedi’s & Blue Jays, & Baby, Oh My!”

  1. I LOVE E's little shoes! So adorable! And let me tell you, it's embarrassing how badly my toes are in need of some TLC from the nail salon.
    I'm glad you had fun today 🙂

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