Saturday Morning Scene: New House!

I’m linking up with Katie for Saturday Morning Scene
Here is what we’re working on today…
Putting together our new {rental} home!
^^yep, that’s totally a wine cooler in the kitchen^^
we did not choose the wallpaper, haha!
french doors in master suite, opening up to back porch. i die.
do you think a certain 5lb pup would like this yard..??
…he agrees.
hope you’re having a happy weekend!
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6 Replies to “Saturday Morning Scene: New House!”

  1. That rental looks awesome!! I wish there were rental houses like that around our area, but no so much. We're in a rental townhouse now, but I can't wait to have a house with a yard!

  2. Your new home looks so spacious and I know you'll do a great job decorating!! Can't wait to see when you're all moved in 😉

    PS – that bathroom is BOLD 🙂

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