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This past weekend and week has been really wonderful. On Sunday, I took Indy with me to a marina about fifteen minutes from our house. B was basically on lockdown studying for a huge test so I wasn’t about to sit around doing nothing. I laid out a huge towel in the shade for me to lay on and Indy to run around on, and read my book. I didn’t get too much reading done because everyone who walked by wanted to meet Indy. I can’t wait until the weather gets cooler here (not for a while though!) so I can spend more time there.

On Tuesday, B got home from school early and I had the day off so we went out and had ice cream near the beach. Other restaurants and shops surround a park there so we brought Indy with us. It sure looks like he wants a bite of my scoop. What do you think?!

Also this week, I got inspired by these precious flower broaches I saw on Martha Stewart and decided to get crafty. The directions are pretty simple and I did I better job than I thought I would. I added a little pearl to it to add a little southern class. I also ended up sewing a smaller yellow flower onto a hair clip. I think they turned out pretty cute:

I keep forgetting how much I like the fall. As you know, Halloween costumes and decorations are already flooding the stores. Even pumpkins are waiting to be picked. I love dressing up for Halloween. Last year B and I were a dentist and a tooth fairy. I love couples and themed costumes. Do you know what you’re going to be yet?

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7 Replies to “Relaxing & Crafting”

  1. Katie, I saw your question about military medicine over at the doctor's wives site. My hubby is a PGY2 in the Army. I'd be happy to shed light on the topic from my perspective – I just would rather not do in it the public forum, though (I don't go there often enough to share personal information).

  2. I just came across your blog and I can't get over how cute that puppy of yours is! You've also got an adorable blog!
    Last year I was a cowgirl and my husband was a cowboy! It was soo much fun!!! I love playing "dress-up"!

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