Good news! My glucose test came back normal, along with all my other blood work. Yipee!! But don’t you hate how YOU have to call the doctor’s office to find these things out? When they told you nearly TWO weeks ago they’d call you in a couple of days. Oh well… I’m just glad I don’t have to go back for the three-hour test. Can I get an Amen?! I asked so many people what they ate/didn’t eat the night before and morning of the test, and read on baby forums, but honestly the reviews were mixed. I ended up just eating a thin-sliced bagel with peanut butter and water for breakfast. The day before, I had ice cream, and it took every.bone.and.muscle in my body to stay away from the gallon-sized sweet tea container in the ‘fridge. Mmm I love me some sweet tea…


In other news… I scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut at the end of the month. EEK!! I am the!absolute!worst! at getting my hair cut, let alone having someone new do it. I even told the receptionist the hair dresser should know that I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to getting my hair cut. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll probably shed a tear or two. My husband joked that he’s going to get a new wife. Silly

I’m anxious and excited for a new change though! My hair is fine, but thick, and oh.so.wavy. It has taken me years…years I tell ‘ya! to find a conditioner that’ll let me almost run my fingers through my hair. And that miracle product is Redken’s All Soft. But on top of that I spray in Pantene’s leave-in conditioner. Before Redken’s miracle, it would take me forever and day to comb through my hair. No joke. My college roommate could shower and brush through her hair before I even finished combing through mine. Can you believe that?! I figured since I’m going to be a new mommy [ahh that sounds so friggin’ cool!], the last thing I’ll have time (or the desire) to do is my hair. But why should I sacrifice looking cute, either?! I figured cutting my hair to my shoulders would help ease and shorten the hair drying/straightening torture routine. I seriously h.a.t.e. doing my hair. Love doing others, but mine? notsomuch. When my hair was short in high school, it was such a breeze to straighten. Plus, the hair gods have blessed me with the ability to go days without having to wash my hair. Yeah, be jealous. I just hope the hormones don’t change this!

Anywho, I’ll be sure to post pics!

…Going to visit the ‘rents again this weekend, but I promise I won’t be late with the weekly prego post 🙂

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! xoxo


  • Luke and Marissa

    Amen! I like how you wrote friggin' rather than freaking or frickin'. I like the g's. 🙂 Yes, from your entire post, that is the main thing I decided to focus on, friggin'. Can't wait to see the haircut.

  • Corinne

    I'm so glad you passed your test! I've heard it's a pain if you don't. I'm the exact same with getting my hair cut! I hate going to someone new and I always get my hair cut on a whim, because if I make an appointment ahead of time I just get all anxious about it – what should I do? can I just trim it? should I change my bangs? ahh!!! So I always just wake up, decide I'm going to get it cut, and then just go.
    Have a great weekend with the 'rents!!

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