Random Ramblings

I’m not sure how this post will come out, as the sun has yet to wake, nor have I. Yesterday, B and I went for my 34-weeks check-up. My blood pressure was great, and the baby’s heart beat was 145. Perfect. When the doctor measured my fundal height, she mentioned that I was measuring a little small. For those of you that don’t know, your fundal height should be the same amount of centimeters as you are weeks. Hence, I should have been 34cm (or close to it, since I was just shy of 34 weeks), instead of 32cm. We weren’t able to do an ultrasound in the office because of insurance, so she set us up with one on Thursday at another office. 

I wasn’t all that concerned because 1. If the doctor was really concerned she would have sent us immediately instead of waiting two days, and 2. Almost every time I visit the doctor’s office, a different person measures me. Whether it’s another doctor or a med student. So, B made a valid point… all it takes is one person to be one centimeter off at some point to throw it all awry. I’m thankful we get to see the little babe again because she’s grown sooo much since her last model shots at 18 weeks, but the only problem is that we’ll be paying for this sonogram out!of!pocket! 

Furthermore, Indy decided he needed to go outside at 5:30 (I think?) this morning. I volunteered B to take him since I did last night and got eaten up alive bit by mosquitos! Didn’t you know pregnant women are more prone to bug bites? {not making this up} But of course, now I was up, had to pee, and was hungry. It was then that I realized Little Miss wasn’t moving around like she normally does when I get up in the middle of the night. So… I calmly started to freak. Yes, I know it’s an oxymoron, but it’s the truth. 

I decided to drink some OJ and eat some Cheerios. After that, I was able to feel her faintly. I figured this was because she’s really low and there’s not a lot of room in there these days. I was still hungry, so I ate half a banana and drank some more juice. Then she got the hiccups. For a while. So I knew she was okay. And I was right about her being really low because I could practically feel her hiccups in my va-jay-jay (TMI?) For the last half hour or so, she’s been kicking, although the jolts and jabs aren’t as dramatic and strong as usual. But they’re there. And when I push on a body part in my belly, she pushes back. Best.Feeing.In.The.World.

Also, remember how I “talked” about not being an emotional pregnant lady…? Well I think the dry streak is over, yo. For the past couple of days, or actually maybe about a week, I’ve just felt like crying. For instance, one day last week B had a leftover caesar salad in the fridge from Outback Steakhouse, and I was super hungry so I ate it. When he came home from school, he was anticipating eating it, and the disappointed look on his face made me want to cry. I felt so bad! I literally went to the bathroom to collect myself and stop myself from crying. Then last night, I sobbed a few tears in the bathroom after the doctor’s appointment, even though I told myself there’s nothing to worry about. And now, I feel like crying again just because I’m oh!so!tired! But I’m too restless to sleep….


Flash forward to present time… A few minutes after I laid back down in bed, Little Miss started a kicking frenzy. Thank!Goodness! I told B what had been going on and he told me not to sike myself out. Easier said than done. One thing I’m super impressed with is that I’ve been so calm, cool, and collected throughout this entire pregnancy. But now? I have 8 1/2 months of hormones stored up and my fear is that I’m going to start flipping out over every.little.thing. I don’t want to, but I fear it’s coming.

But right now, I have so much to be thankful for. I can’t wait to share more about the baby shower, and I’m really looking forward to this weekend because…. MY MOMMY’S COMING!!! Fortunately she only lives two hours away, and she’s coming to stay the weekend to help me get some last essentials for the little one, and help me pack my hospital bag. I’m so excited!!! 

{say a little prayer for us for Thursday?}


  • Katie

    I measured 3-4 weeks behind the entire last 6-7 weeks of my pregnancy. Nothing was wrong! I just had a small(er) baby compared to the crazy 9-10lb babies that are born these days. Maybe you'll be as lucky to have a small'ish baby.

  • Corinne

    aww I'm pretty sure you've been the easiest pregnant woman in history (at least it sounds like it!) I wouldn't worry (yes, easier said than done) but I will send mucho positive thoughts and prayers your way for tomorrow.
    YAY! for having your mommma come and help out for the weekend. Maybe that's all those emotions need – is some momma lovin' 🙂

  • Ashley

    We were probably up at the same time! 🙂

    I remember worrying about movement toward the end too. Things are just getting tight in there and making the movements slower less frequent. I'll be praying for you tomorrow!

    Yay, for mommmy vistits!

  • Heather

    Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you! You're doing such a great job and don't worry about the measuring stuff, your hubby is so right.

    Relax and treat yourself to a pedicure or some sort of ice creamy treat…that always made me feel better (and still does)! 🙂

  • Tatiana

    I just went to my last ob appointment on monday and I was measuring at 26cm at 31weeks. She said it was probably positional, but we'll do another ultrasound this next monday to just make sure! I'm sooo excited to see her again!!! I am not very worried about it, but I still pray that everything is ok with her. Since your little one's heart rate is ok and you can feel her move regularly, I'm sure the ultrasound will look great, too 🙂 I'll be praying for you girly 🙂

  • Luke and Marissa

    Oh, Katie, sorry you haven't been feeling top notch. Try not to worry. I'm sure everything is fine. I remember Story didn't move as much at the end. I always worried. but alas, there was nothing to worry about. Good luck today. Let us know how the appt went.