Poor Poodle Puppy

This is the face of my poor furbaby =(
He got neutered yesterday and had to have two separate incisions for his puppy-privates.
PLUS, he got a microchip implanted (ouch!) in him…
…AND… 4 baby teeth pulled!!
He didn’t come home with a cone, but today B noticed his incisions looked open and took him to the vet. They had to put two staples in for a week!
Needless to say, he’s a pitiful poodle.
I feel guilty to say I think he looks adorable when he tries to pick up his “blankie” though.
Poor poodle puppy….
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4 Replies to “Poor Poodle Puppy”

  1. Aww..poor thing! I hate those cones….I know that sometimes they are necessary, but I always feel so bad for the puppies in them. I didn't neuter Deuce until he was 3. He is a pitbull and weights 100 lbs. Instead of putting a cone on him, I bought Depends diapers and cut a hole for his tail. The pics of that are priceless…

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