Ordinary Day

Today was basically just like any other day. I rolled out of bed when Blake left to go to class. A new kindergarten teaching position opened, so I got dressed, grabbed my cover letter and resume, and headed out the door. It didn’t seem so promising when I got there, as the receptionist said people have been coming in all day (it was only 10 a.m. when I got there). Back at my house, I parked myself on the couch, watched a little TLC like I do every day, and surfed the Internet. Oh! One glimpse of excitement that happened today was I got a call for an interview for a nannying position. I’m going tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!

I wanted to share my first and latest crafty cooking. I made ladybug cupcakes for Blake’s parent’s wedding anniversary. I gave the bugs to them when they came to visit a couple of weeks ago. They’re super cute—if I do say so myself, and not too hard to concoct. Time consuming and messy, but F-U-N! I experimented with the spots (snow caps, mini kisses, M&Ms), but decided the M&Ms worked the best. YUM!

As a fun little gift for Blake’s 1st day of med school, I put together a little survival kit for him:


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9 Replies to “Ordinary Day”

  1. Thank you both!

    Ash, your scrapbooking skills are awesome! I have scrapbooked, but I'm not nearly as talented. I saw you went to USF… I went to UCF!

  2. Awesome about UCF! My friend graduated from there a year ago and is now off to begin her Grad career at Rutgers! UCF is a really cool school and actually just opened their med school. They gave the first set of students a FREE RIDE! Crazy, right?

    Thanks re: scrapbooking! I really enjoy it but don't have time to do it enough. :/

  3. It went really well, thank you, Kelsey. He's keeping an open mind in what field he wants to specialize in, as he knows he could very well change his mind!

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