Open Letters

Dear Hallmark & Publix,
Please refrain from airing your Mother’s Day commercials when I am in the room. My hormones cannot take you at this time.
Thank you,
One Emotional Prego

Dear Emmalyn,
Thanks for telling Mommy her tummy is a โ€œfat balloon.โ€ Actually, it gave me a pretty good laugh. I love you.

Dear Cashier at Chick-fil-a,
Thank you for telling me I have the cutest baby bump. You just made my day.
Hungry Pregnant Chick

Dear Midnight Heartburn and Acid Reflux,
Stop it. Like. right. n o w. It’s not a choice.
Thank you,
Tired at 37 Weeks

Dear Postpartum Depression,
I’m going to kick your ass if you decide to show up for Round Two.
This Rock Star Mom

Dear Baby Girl,
I know your GG wants you to stay put until her vacation time, but she’s not the one waddling around with a baby wedged between her pelvis. However, if you don’t decide to come early like your big sister, then please be courteous and wait until after Emmalyn’s dance recital on the 17th.
A Mama to Almost Two

Dear Friends & Family,
Thank you for all your sweet calls, texts, and messages checking on me. I greatly appreciate it!



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