My New BFF

Who says money can’t buy friends?! Here’s proof that you can:
Yep, this is my new best friend. I bought her for $30 at a garage sale. She’s a beauty. I’m so excited! B’s mom was in town this weekend for his birthday and helped me get set up. The only sewing experience I have is sewing buttons and years of Pointe shoes, but never anything on a machine. After practicing on some extra fabric I had, I made a little pin cushion (stuffed with cotton balls because it’s all I had), a bandanna for Indy; and I sewed four small patches together (kind of like a quilt). I surprised myself! (I guess it’s all the Martha Stewart I watch.) I was such a nerd, too, because every time I made something I’d run out to show B my “creation.” [hehe]
My boss asked me what a 23-year-old is doing with a sewing machine. I told him I want to be able to make things like curtains, pillows, quilts, etc., and one day baby/kids clothes.
I told my mom I love the way my new sewing machine smells. It smells like a grandma just made a quilt. Ahh… (I know I’m a goofball.) Well, I’ll be sure to post my finished products. I know a lot of you sew out there… what’s your specialty???
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3 Replies to “My New BFF”

  1. Ahh, that is so neat! 🙂 I've been toying around with asking for a sewing machine too. My mom is SUCH a fantastic quilter, sewing, knitter, it's crazy. One of these days I'll find time to start up another new hobby like sewing. My specialty right now is looking at craft/sewing blogs and WISHING that I could do it too 😉

    Hope your day is going well!

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