My Cherry Has a Butt!

1. My cherry has a butt! aka CFA’s banana pudding milkshakes are back in season! Oy! They’ll be the death of me.
2. Daddy came to music class. Hooray for Daddy’s day off!
3. The Mom Cave clutter. My newest project…. Organizing 101 {also the death of me}
4. Cousins park date. They love each other so much.
5. My New Bible. 1/2-way through and it’s ahhhmaziiing!
6. Springtime fun. Doll face. Just sayin’

7. Chocolate banana pound cake balls. Yes. {Insert.Drool.Here}
8. Bubbles & baby pools. Gotta love Florida weather!
9. Friday night golf. Just a little 9 holes with the hubs.
10. Pre-Easter egg huntin’ Practicing for the real deal.
11. Bye-Bye Winter! Glad to space bag our winter wear. Good ridden!
12. Cutie Patootie. The Easter Bunny Mimo & Papo put quarters in Emmy’s eggs! She was very particular about counting them for days.

I’d say April is off to a great start!


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