My 1st Blog Award!

Katherine Anne over at Medical School Mrs. gave me this blog award! Thank you, KA!

The 10 Things That Make Me Happy:
1. My boyfriend’s hugs & kisses….ahhhh love…

2. Seeing my toy poodle puppy, Indy, when I wake up in the morning and when I come home from work. He bursts out of his crate with excitement and showers me with kisses.

3. Yoga. I love the peacefulness of it.

3. Chocolate. Fudge, specifically.

4. Babies & little kiddies. They’re too cute.

5. My job. I’m so lucky to have a job that makes me smile every day and that I thoroughly enjoy going to (even if it is six days a week).

6. HOT bubble baths. And I mean HOT!

7. A great book. I love to read.

8. My friends and family. Enough said.

9. A sun-kissed tan at the beach. (Having a great bikini helps, too.)

10. Hot green ten (sometimes with honey). It’s my daily morning vice.

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3 Replies to “My 1st Blog Award!”

  1. Good idea!! Haha… I will definitely work on it ASAP. You don't have to be flexible at all, but you will be once you start going! (More to come…)

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