Ice, Ice, Baby

ever have one of those days where you think how nice it is to bum around because you have nothing planned, but then realize you totally have an important appointment?? like, now?

Hi. yea. that was me yesterday.
emmy and i were sharing some quality tummy time, when i suddenly realized i had a doctor’s appointment at 10:15. 
it was 9:30. it takes a good 30 minutes to get there. emmy was still in her jammies. me too.
i swiftly changed emmy, strapped her in her car seat, threw on nike shorts & a sports tank, grabbed a hat, threw a bottle in the diaper bag, & flew out the door, sans makeup. oh! i grabbed an apple, too.
well, folks, we made it there basically on time. & of course we had to wait. &wait. &wait…
i kept emmalyn in her car seat & then IT happened. one of the things mommas d r e a d.
the poop.
yep, i knew it happened by the infamous look on her face, but i also knew that there are no changing tables in the bathrooms! WTH? a zillion & one things went through my head: should I go all the way back out to my car {which is in BFE by.the.way}?should i ask to use one of their rooms? OR should i just strip her down to her skivvies & let everyone smell the *sweet* smell of formula-poo?
[if you’re thinking why didn’t you just change her in the exam room? well it’s not that kinda doc. it’s my ppd meds doc.]
i made a pack with myself… if the doctor doesn’t call me in within 2 minutes, i’ll change her diaper. if not, emmy will just have to take one for the team.  
well, emmy took one for the team… {bad mommy}
on the plus side, we were only in there for 7-8 minutes. don’t you love that? wait 5 hours to see the doc, then only actually see her for five seconds??
i digress.
so after the appointment, i redeemed my good-mommy points by changing emmy in the back of my SUV. phew… moving on…
em & i decided to take a little detour to see our new casa since it’s on the way back. 
well imagine my reaction when i went to open the freezer & couldn’t open it
i pulled. & i pulled. & i pulled that sucker until BAM! it flew open & i saw the biggest icicle florida has ever seen. this was some vermont vanilla ice, yo.
this huge cylinder block of ice was frozen solid {duh} to the freezer door.  
silly little me didn’t know what to do really, so i just started trying to pry it off. a few chunks came off from the top & bottom, but this baby wasn’t budging. {don’t forget that we haven’t actually moved in yet, so i have nothing to help me except paper towels & a garbage bag.} i soaked a paper towel in hot water & tried to melt the ice. i realized that was going to take for.ev.er.  
nix that! 
emmy was starting to get fussy impatient so i decided to call it a day & figure out what to do later. i went to shut the door & what do you know? it!won’t!shut! 
yea…. i couldn’t just leave it open over night? it would melt & i’d have a big mess right?
what to do? what to do?  i did the only thing probable… i began pulling the ice off with all.my.might. totally ingenious right? [sarcasm, if you don’t already know my by now…]
BUT! lucky for me i have some major guns from pumping so much iron 😉 
i gave it all i had and…..
{and this was after i had pulled chunks off of it!}

what would you have done?


  • kBw

    Nice job! I have no idea what I would've done probably would've used my keys to chip away at it?? Ha ha. I have no clue. I hate that feeling when you realize you have somewhere to be and you've forgotten about it. But, way to go for getting there on time!!

  • Corinne

    HA! Wow, I have no idea what I would have done. I do think that if it would have been me that the freezer would have ended up broken.

    Sounds like you had quite the day! And BOO for you having to wait forever to see that doc! I hate that!

  • Samantha

    I hate when I forget about something until last minute! AND I understand about not having a good place to change a stinky diaper!

    To answer your question – I have NO clue what I would have done?!

  • Drew

    That's an insane piece of ice! I probably would have done the same thing you did… Except with my luck the door would have broken or something.