I Still Have Time To…

….be a raging hormonal bitch, no?

This post stemmed from the fact that my husband says I’m not a ‘normal’ pregnant lady. I’ve yet to have any weird cravings. Or any craving that I’ve actually had to run out and suffice, for that matter. I’ve only cried ONCE, and it was because I was really tired and it lasted for like less than a minute. I’ve yet to go ape-shit {pardon my french} on babycenter.com forums. If you’ve been on there you know those women are psychos CRAZIES!!!! like whoa! {I feel sorry for their spouses!} And another gal I came in contact with kept saying how I was just the nicest pregnant girl ever.

But anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah… back to raging hormones.

The other evening B and I were lounging around and his fingers ran across my back. {Before you get too excited ladies, this is not that kind of post! Shame on you ;)} Something you should know about me is I L.O.V.E to have my back scratched. I blame it on my momma… she has always scratched my back since as long as I can remember. Any way, B didn’t mean to initiate a back scratch, but unbeknownst to him… he did. So I gave a little shake of my back to let him know what he got his self into.

Then he sarcastically says to me, you’re so needy…

And of course I retort, no I’m not!

He goes on to say that I really haven’t been; that I’ve been easy to handle throughout the whole pregnancy.

To which I reply…
Oh, but I’ve got 6-8 more weeks to be a crazy hormonal bitch, babe.” 


Which leads me to what else I still have time for before the baby arrives:

I Still Have Time To…

…bawl my eyes out at every A Baby Story on TLC
…be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen [oh wait, I already have]
…go broke on Etsy
…use Little Miss’ playard as a laundry dump basket
…swell. e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.
…break a rib due to an itty bitty footsie kicking me
…complain about everything
…waddle like a duck
…freak out about becoming a mom… like!next!month!

BUT! I Also Still Have Time To….

…cook dinner for my husband
…go on date nights with just my hubby [on those nights I just don’t feel like cooking]
…have alone time with my husband
…get a prenatal massage
…hang out with my girl friends
…have two baby showers
…spoil Indy [maybe this one should go^up^there?] & dress him up in the baybeh’s bows like so:

…{and most importantly} SLEEP!


  • Ashley

    HAHA! You can still go postal on babycenter. com! It's still happening on my birth board… you can't even type CIO (cry-it-out) without a big argument ensuing. 😛 I still cry at A Baby Story (maybe even more so now).

    B is lucky to have an 'easy' pregnant wife! 😉

  • Corinne

    I sure do hope I am like you during my pregnancy – no excessive craving, no crazy hormonal breakdowns!
    Umm, and can i just say that I think it's crazy that you have less than 2 months left?! I feel like it was just yesterday you said you were going to have a baby!

  • HNW

    Babycenter = largest conglomeration of CPLs (crazy pregnant ladies). Mazel for being able to still go on there – I had to stop because everyone either kept making me anxious with all their negative stuff or making me crazy with all of their stuff!

    And get that sleep while you can – it's a hot commodity after Little Miss is here!

    And totally can't believe it's next month! Where has the time gone?!

    🙂 <3 <3

  • Tatiana

    That's too funny! I haven't been crazy either during this pregnancy. Actually, I think I've been nicer than usual, haha. However, I must admit that those hormones did get to me once or twice (ok, maybe like six times) and I found myself crying for no reason 🙂 ANd I have to check out that baby center thing now!