i lost my vlog card

#1 sorry about the but umm yeah‘s
#2 sorry about the hair bangs flipping
#3 I swear I’m not naked!!
#4 I hope it worked..?


{& indy}

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8 Replies to “i lost my vlog card”

  1. LOVED it!! and you totally didn't say too many "umm yeahs" i think i only heard a couple! so cute! glad things are going okay… have fun with your girlfriends this weekend!

  2. you're SO cute! And the hair flipping was perfectly fine!!
    I thought you would have a bit more of an accent… you sound a bit Canadian 😉 lol…. I loved it!! Hope you have a great time visiting the hubs and visiting with your girlfriends!

  3. You are so stinkin' adorable!!! And INDY!!! OMG! Cutest little bundle of fur ever! Will she always be that small?(Russ and I are thinking of getting each other another dog for our "wedding gifts" to each other – but also as a brother for Miley).
    So glad things are going well! Enjoy your time with the girls and with Blake!

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