One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving cards. And not just any cards, but photo cards. {Especially ones with super cute kids on them!} Before getting pregnant, I always imagined what my family card would look like one day. Well, my friends, that day has finally arrived (well, almost!)

Since the baby is due the week of Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to do a holiday/birth announcement combo card. I’m so excited–I can hardly wait! With the holidays quickly approaching (can you believe it?! Already!) I’ve decided to start shopping for the “perfect” card.

And where might I be shopping, you ask? Shutterfly.com of course! Have you seen their holiday cards this year? Amazing. In my opinion, there are just way.too.may. to choose from! I could be on their site for hours…

My favorites though are the ones where you can fit a lot of pictures. Because let’s face it, that’s all anyone ever really wants to see right?! {I know that’s the case with me!} And since we’re adding a little bundle of joy to our family this year, I especially want a card that provides space for a lot of pictures.

I’m swooning over this one right now…

And this one..

I also love the idea of personalizing wall calendars. They make excellent gifts for grandma’s and grandpa’s!

And I could just fall over at how adorable Shutterfly’s baby announcements are.
Oh, how on earth am I ever going to decide, y’all?!

Decisions! Decisions!

I can’t wait to get started! Thanks Shutterfly for making such unique, creative, beautiful, and personal cards. They’re sure to brighten everyone’s holidays this year!


How would you like to get 50 free photo cards, my blogland friends? Click here for more info.


  • Mrs. B

    Ok, you're about the 100th blogger now that I've seen blog about these free cards! lol How do I get in on this action?! Do I just click your link, or is there a special link just for bloggers? Hmmm, I'm going to go check out the site now… 🙂

  • Mrs. Dawkter

    I love photocards as well, last year I heard people saying they were impersonal if they didn't have a handwritten note… I disagree, I'd rather have a photo picture anyday!

  • Ashley

    I need to get on this as well! It will be our first holiday card! We didn't do one last year because I was lazy. 😛 I like the ones you posted!1

  • Tatiana

    There are so many people use those this year! They are really cute Katie, and I think your baby girl is going to make them look so, so adorable!
    I'm scared that we won't have enough time to get our cards together and mailed out before Christmas since we want our little love to be in them too, but her due date is dec 15. We shall see 🙂 I'm excited to see how yours turn out 😉

  • Heather

    I've been using shutterfly for the last 4years. Its our Christmas tradition to give out calendars as gifts. The family loves them. They've even started to send me their pictures around October to give me help with the calendar, and I used some of their photos to get them excited about the next yearly calendar. Its so fun! The nice thing about this year, they revamped their backgrounds and calendars. Enjoy it! But fyi, its a little bit of work.