Happenings! + Pics

Who wants to see pictures of Emmy Grace?!
I do! I do!
As you can see from the photo below, we are still behind in the hair department 😉 I promise it’s there–it’s just very light and fair. But man, all those pretty flowers and bows are collecting quite a bit  of dust on her dresser… 
People, we have a walker runner! & there’s no stopping this chick. She loves to explore! I sincerely  love that about her.
Just my daily routine… updating Emmalyn’s life in my “Mom’s Calendar”
{while Indy hopelessly barks at every.single.breathing.thing. outside}
With Mimo, Papo, & cousin Lucas at Daddy’s basketball game. It’s heartfelt to hear Emmy cheer, “Go, Daddy, Go!” & clap those cute little baby hands.
& just so Indy doesn’t feel left out…
Emmy L-O-V-E-S her weekly music class! The first couple of times she cried and wouldn’t leave my side, but now–she goes up to the other kids and is obsessed with the instruments. Still working on getting her to sing the songs AT music class, instead of just at home.
Play date with her favorite cousin. She simply adores him! Seeing the two of them interact is what life is all about!
Emmy’s newest (& favorite) expression: “The Cheese Face”
No complaints here.
Before her 15-month shots… I love this chick!
Said in conga-line fashion: “Pee pee in the potty! Pee pee in the potty!”
For the last few days now, Emmy has gone pee pee in the potty 3 times! {& one #2!}
I’ve been introducing the potty to Emmy before bath time, and after lunch/whenever I get the feeling she needs to go. I figured I’d test the water (–er, pee?) to see if she’s interested before going gung ho.
*Question for Mommies: How did you potty-train your kid(s)? Please share!!
Impromptu date night with The Hubs!
Dinner & Put-Put
 He won by 2 strokes, BUT I found all the hidden items in the scavenger hunt. Go me! 🙂
Sleeping Beauty, always with a book. Everyone knows Target shopping wears a girl out, yo!
The love of my life…
So there you have it, folks! I hope that puts a smile on your face.
Stay tuned for Emmy’s 1st video blog!
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4 Replies to “Happenings! + Pics”

  1. She is so pretty and changing so much! I never started PT this early but in my experience girls are easier than boys and I used incentive like fruit snacks lol

  2. Love all the pics. I keep forgetting to fb you back about PT. I'll make sure to do that. They say 18-ish months is the first window to go gung-ho. But a lot of people will scoff and say that is too early. If you ask me, being three or 4 and still in diapers should be equally scoffed at. However, no judging here because every child is different. You'll just have to see how she does with early PT. Story did well with early PT. But alas, she will still pee her pants at times because she doesn't want to stop and go so what do I know?

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