“Give hugs this holiday season…

…they’re one size fits all and can be returned.”

I just love that, don’t you? I’d like to take credit for it, but really I saw it on a sign driving by a church.

Over the last few days, we’ve been decorating our Christmas tree. We found a really nice 8-footer. We’re not quite sure how we got so lucky… the xmas tree gods must have been looking down on us (lol).

I have no idea how B got him to sit still long enough to take this picture (maybe because I wasn’t there for him to run to), but either way, he looks so cute ☺ And even better, we don’t have any problems with him and the tree… wait, wait, wait… let me eat my words… we haven’t had any problems… as I’m typing this, he’s trying to chew the tree. But for the most part, he just circles around it, runs away, and/or growls at it.
Lots of fun! I prevented myself from getting too OCD about placing the ornaments, ‘cause in the end, it looks good no matter what!

…taking a little break with my buddy boy…

Ta-Da! I think it looks pretty good for our first tree. Red, silver, and gold. It’s simple, yet classic.

Let the countdown begin…
10 more days til my 23rd birthday
15 more days til Christmas

Okay, gotta go to work!

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7 Replies to ““Give hugs this holiday season…”

  1. The tree looks beautiful 🙂 Good job!! Happy Almost 23rd Birthday! 🙂 The BIG 2-3 was a good year for me and I hope it will be amazing for you 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend! xo, KA

  2. Thanks… not as fun & creative as yours, but it's a good start for our first tree. And, I finally put up the topper, which I found at Walmart (surprisingly) and L-O-V-E!

  3. Oh my gosh your dog is too cute! My husband and I want a dog really badly, we just have a kitty right now cause our place is so small. Cute blog, glad I found ya.

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