FIVE on Friday

{FIVE} I’m absolutely loving our new house! & our new city. Yes, it stinks that we’re now an 8-hour drive from family, and I’m sure I’m going to have a huge meltdown 4 weeks and 3 days from now, but for now I’m happy as a camel on hump day!

{i swear we didn’t dye indy purple. hehe.}


{FOUR} Emmalyn totally bombed her first dance class (without mommy). Apparently I was over confident in thinking that the dance teacher’s daughter would be a little dancing prodigy. I thought for sure she would be her go-getter-slash-extrovert-slash-sassy-self and have a blast. I was painfully mistaken! She cried & cried & cried until the teacher called me to come get her. I was so bummed she didn’t like it–especially since she looked so darn cute in her pink tights and “singing in the rain tap shoes” as she calls them. 


{THREE} My hubby is now officially a Doctor. Yep. We He did it! Finally. But the terrible thing about it all is that I don’t even get to be called Dr. & Mrs. {vain, I know} Since he’s a Lieutenant in the Navy, Lieutenant trumps Doctor in his professional title.


{TWO} My kid is seriously hilarious. She may be the biggest handful 23 hours of any given day, but she cracks me up. Like yesterday… when she put a fake bandage under her nose and said, “I mustache you a question!” Are you kidding me?! Where does she get this from? She’s 2!


{ONE} I’m secretly [although not so secretly] counting down the days until Emmalyn starts school. It’ll be her first time in preschool (two days a week) and I cannot wait! You’d think I’d be excited to have free time to go get a massage or my nails done, but nope–I’m ecstatic to clean the house in peace! & go to the grocery store without a wild wilder beast/monkey/grizzly bear. *doing my happy dance*
Have a happy Friday!