Emmy’s Getting Married

Okay, well not quite yet. But when she does… this is going to be her husband:

It’s already been arranged. 
The End.


Emmalyn had her first playdate on Monday. My friend, and fellow med school wife, Ashley came over with her super adorable son, Aidan. Of course Em is too little for Aidan to play with {sorry buddy!} but it was still cute having them together.

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5 Replies to “Emmy’s Getting Married”

  1. haha at first I thought you had a friend that was named Emmy and SHE was getting married. I had no idea you were into the whole "arranged marriage thing"! haha I'm totally joking!!!
    I think Miss Emmalyn and Adian would be an adorable couple…in a decade and a half-or-more 😉

    Btw- you look great as always!

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