Emmalyn’s 1st Dance Recital

It was a day I will never forget. An emotional one. One filled with joy, pride, relief, and love. 
Emmalyn performed in her first dance recital yesterday. 
Many of you know I’ve been extremely worried over whether I would go into labor just days before her Big Stage debut and have to miss it. I expressed to my husband how devastated I would feel if I couldn’t make it—although I know in the long-run it wouldn’t scar Emmalyn. Friday afternoon was her rehearsal and I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders: I got to see my baby dance on stage, and she got to hear me shout words of praise and squeeze her tightly. I thought to myself, If I go into labor tonight, at least I got to see her dance.

Saturday came and no signs of immediate labor—phew! It looks like I would actually get to see her do “the real thing”. My next biggest fear became if she would pee her pants while waiting backstage. As a former dance teacher, I know how nervous the little ones can be without their mommies and how many bathroom runs I’ve made with them just minutes before they go on stage. I had visions of her walking on stage with wet tights! But alas, she was a rockstar!

She was the fourth number to perform and I couldn’t wait to see her shine under the big bright lights. Just as the teacher was walking the girls on stage, an usher was bringing down a party of six or so people to their seats… in front of us. Oh hell-to-the-no! I was furious! There was no way I was going to let them obstruct my view of my daughter’s big moment. I grabbed Blake and said, “Let’s go!” and ran down the aisle. 

I bypassed Mama Bear and went straight to Mama Ape Shit. My 39-weeks-and-5-days-prego-body physically shoved the usher and group of rude latecomers as I said, “Excuse me. Please move. My daughter is on stage. RIGHT! NOW!” I may not have said it politely, but at least I used polite words…

I knelt down in the middle of the aisle and just completely lost it. I’m not talking about a trickle of tears down my face. I’m talking about releasing a full-on ugly & hysterical cry. 

I told you it was an emotional day!

The whole time I watched my tiny dancer I couldn’t believe she’s actually mine. I clung on to those two short minutes, utterly amazed and motivated by her natural confidence. It’s frightening dancing on a professional Broadway stage, let alone being three and doing it.

She was incredible and stunning and simply captivating.

I was mesmerized. I was so proud.

When I returned to my seat, the water-works didn’t cease. In addition to my heart filled to the brim with love and pride, I also felt a huge sense of relief: I made it. All the worrying and “what-if-I-go-into-labor” dissipated. I made it for my Big Girl.

I was grateful to God for allowing me to be present, and to share in this incredible experience with Emmalyn.

When she came off the stage at intermission, I scooped her up, smothering her with kisses, as she smothered me with black glitter. It was priceless to hear her say, “That was so cool!” As her mother, I will never forget that day.


So now that I successfully made it through the recital sans water-breaking, can we please have a baby now?!

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