It’s 3:17 a.m. 

And what am I doing up?

Well, first, I was woken up by Little Miss kicking my bladder. Got up. Peed. Laid back down. Tossed. Turned. 

The little bean started practicing her one-woman acrobatic act at about 2:30, until BAM! That urge hit me. Upside the head. The I’m-hungry-and-have-to-eat-something-NOWurge. I told myself, just try counting back from 100, and if you’re still not asleep, get your hungry butt up. So I tried. The kiddo continued her acro act, while I helplessly counted backwards. It’s amazing what our minds can do all at once. I managed to think about all the possible things I could blog about, plus design the nursery, all while successfully counting backwards. 

I really didn’t want to get out of bed. 

But my body didn’t care. Neither did the babe. She was hungry. And there’s no denying my baby food! 

So now I’m up. Eating Cheerios. But at least I’m not alone. Indy decided he should join in on the middle.of.the.night fun. He whined in his crate. I gave in.

Now? Now I’m not really all that sleepy. Great. At least I don’t have to be up early tomorrow… er, well, today. My hubs does though. He’s got an early morning at school, followed by a test. But then! He’s all mine! He’s been a busy bee this week, studying and working hard. I’m excited for his test to be over though so he can help me build our Little Girl’s shelves. 


Do you know what’s on my mind now? [Now that I’m wide awake.] 

How cool pregnancy is. And how weird it can be, too. There’s a tiny little human being growing inside me. It’s both creepy and cool all at the same time. I absolutely love feeling her wiggle and squirm inside me. Everyone tells me that’s what they miss most when the baby is born. And I can believe it. But I also can’t wait until she’s wiggling and squirming in my arms. I love just daydreaming about what she’s going to look like. I hope she has brown eyes and hair like her mama, but my guess is that she’ll look a lot like Blake. [Puh-leeaase have his nose!] I’ve noticed a lot of first-born’s look like their daddies. I know I do. 

I didn’t mind when she broke out into a choreographed hip hop dance at 2:30 this morning. I was actually very happy about it. Every time she moves I imagine her saying, I’m doing just fine in here, Mom. Thanks for the cozy home. Oh, I can’t wait to meet her in less than 100 days! But please, Little Girl, stay in there. Lately I’ve been having dreams about delivering her, like now, and she barely weighs 2 lbs., and it’s SCARY! Every night, I pray for her. I pray to God that she’s healthy, safe, thriving, and growing. I’d rather her be over-due than under-due. My little turkey needs to stay in the oven! 

I’m both nervous and excited and feeling oh-so-blessed. 

Okay, enough of my middle-of-the-night ramblings. 

I’m gonna get something else to eat 😉

Happy Friday, Everyone!


  • Corinne

    ummm…am I so behind that I haven't noticed your new blog design? Please tell me it was somewhat recent! It's beautiful!!!
    I cannot imagine what it would be like to feel a little something moving around in my belly – definitely weird at first but I could see how you would love it. Good thing you don't have to be up early, hopefully you were able to fall asleep! 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend with the hubby!! Hope his exam goes well!

  • Laura@Cowboy Boots

    yeah it is weird..your belly will feel empty after she is born even though ur are holding her in ur arms!

    i have to admit w/all 5 of my preg i've never once gotten up and stayed awake! haha