E is for Emmy & Easter!

Like a lot of people around here, we celebrated Emmalyn’s 1st Easter!
On Easter eve, the whole family gathered at my in-laws for a yummy lasagna dinner!
And of course, we just had to get pictures of the cuzzies. It’s so cute how my nephew, Lucas, treats Emmy. We don’t even have to tell him to be gentle anymore. He just knows. He’s sweet like that. It’s getting more & more fun watching the two of them together, especially since Emmy is really exploring & reaching for things nowadays.
What would Easter be without some colorful yummies?!
The sweet peep treats were made by moi
For the past few years that I’ve celebrated Easter with my (now) in-laws, they’ve put on a ridiculously fun Easter Egg Hunt for the “big” kids. Every year, the rules change a bit, but it always involves flash lights & cheating & laughter. Normally, each couple is given a basket & flash light and the competition is ON! This year, we were only allowed to use whatever we could find in the back porch (we snagged a cooler) AND we had to take a running start from the FRONT yard.
My in-laws do such a great job hiding the eggs, that sometimes we find some from LAST Easter! & when the fight competition is over, we all come in and open our eggs to find… $$$! yep! Can we say date night??
You’d think that hunting for money eggs in the dark would be fun enough, but nope! not this year! After the babes went down to sleep, the competition was on again. My FIL created a new game. Not sure what he called it, but it was basically night golf, where the six of us had to compete to get our wiffle ball closest to the hole, surrounded by tiki torches. I was up first & got closer than I thought I would, but it was my SIL, Ann Marie, who took the win with a hole-in-one! saywhat?! 
I’m kicking myself in the tush for not taking any pictures of this. I have a love-hate relationship with my camera. I want to capture e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. but then I feel like I miss out on living in the moment. But if I live in the moment, then I don’t have the picture to capture it. Anyone else share this dilemma?
I digress.
It was such a fun night! I was so tired by the end of the day, but a good kind of tired. You know the kind where you had a jam!packed!GO!GO!GO! kinda day, but totally worth it because you sleep like a rock? yea, that kind.the best!
On to Easter morning….
It was Emmalyn’s first time going to Mass since her Baptism–which she basically slept through–so I was interested nervous to see how she was going to behave.
She was such a good little girl! She spent the beginning in her car seat, watching & smiling at the old folks in the pew behind us. 
(Aren’t old people & babies the cutest?! especially together!?)
After getting a little fidgety, she spent the rest of the time on mommy & daddy’s laps.
Lucas entertained her, too. Or did Emmy entertain him? Not sure… but either way it was adorable because Lucas would gently touch her head & cheek, occasionally sneaking in a kiss & playing with her toys.
After mass, it was family-picture-taking time! I’m so fortunate to have married into such a warm & loving family who have such strong values and family traditions. I love it!
The gang’s all here!
Emmy’s really into touching people’s faces:
B’s parents… Emmy’s “Papo” & “Mimo” 🙂
I hope everyone had a very blessed & colorful weekend. I’d say we’re excited to whip out our seersucker shorts, sundresses, tanks, & flip flops, but heck! we’ve been sporting this look for months now in sunny ninetyohmygawditshotdegrees Florida weather for months now! don’t hate.
What are your favorite traditions? Did you grow up with some, or are you starting new ones with your own little family? Do tell! Or leave me a little linky if you blogged about it!
P.S. some bunny loves you….
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8 Replies to “E is for Emmy & Easter!”

  1. aww how fun! Looks like a great way to spend Easter weekend!

    And I'm constantly fighting myself with that camera issue. Especially because Russ doesn't like to mess with it often, so I'm often the only one left taking pictures…sigh

    Loved all your pictures!

  2. She is a doll! I love all the pictures. And I wish we did some fun Big kid Egg Hunts lol, sounds like a blast! I am curious???? What religion are you? The church pictures just look beautiful and I was wondering!

  3. Woo woo, look at you! You look GREAT!

    She is too precious! Great pictures. I'm glad you had a nice Easter. 🙂 I can't believe how big she's getting…it seems like I was JUST reading your birth story! Crazy how that happens, huh? 🙂

  4. I always want to capture everything, but then when the moment arrives I really just want to enjoy it in real time. Even on my wedding day I was running around like a mad woman and barely ever stopped to pose for a photo. I wish I would have stopped a few more times for a picture…but at least I know I was very present that day.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we all just had a photographer to follow us around all the time?

  5. She's such a cutie and you look awesome! Love your dress.

    I too struggle with the whole "living in the moment" vs. "capturing the moment" thing. I compromised and started using my iphone more because it's not some big hulking camera I have to focus and everything.

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