Do I Dare?

What do Phil Dunphy, Schmidt, Rachel Berry, Dan Humphrey, Karen Cartwright, Sheldon Cooper,  and Dwight all have in common…???

They’re taking over my life!

Goodness gracious, y’all… I watch a lot of TV.

I hadn’t really given it much thought until people shared on FB that they were giving it up for Lent. My yoga instructor gave it up for a whole month (and counting) just to better herself.

I don’t know if I could do the same. Could you?

I watch TV so I don’t have to think. & to have a good laugh. After a long day, my husband and I like to vege and cuddle on the couch, while watching our DVR’d shows.

Taking my writing class made me see how much TV sucks up my time!

My TV Lineup:

Two Broke Girls (3o min)
Gossip Girl (1 hr)
Secret Life of the American Teenager (embarrassingly, yes; 1 hr)
Smash (1 hr)

Glee (1 hr)
New Girl (30 min)
Last Man Standing (30 min)

Whitney (30 min)
Are you there, Chelsea? (30 min) 
Modern Family (30 min; although I wish it were an hour!)

Grey’s Anatomy (1 hr)
Big Bang Theory (3o min)
The Office (30 min)

That’s 9 hours!

Now, I never watch these *live* so let’s take away about an hour’s worth of commercials, ‘kay?

So that’s 8 hours…

BUT–let’s not forget sporadic bursts of TV throughout the day… Today Show, Live with Kelly, House Hunters, Ellen Degeneres….

So let’s add on 10 more hours (2 hours a day, per 5 days a week)…

Now we’re at 20!

Oh, wait… what about the weekend?

Let’s add 4.


Do you know how much I could get accomplished in 24 hours?!?? That’s like adding an 8th day to my week!

For one, I could read and comment on all of your blogs! Ha!

Orrr…. I could clean house, work out, write, change the world, shop, bird watch, …

Granted, I don’t play catch-up on my DVR until Little Miss is either napping or down for the night, so my time isn’t taken away from her. However, The Fresh Beat Band may just be my new BFFs. They’re life savers for letting me switch over the laundry, cook, pee…

Anywho! Do I think I could ever give up TV?







Aw, who am I kidding?!

I do think I need to be a little *choosier* with my time spent watching TV.

But who would I give up?! LonelyBoy? Schmidt? Cameron & Mitchell? Mr. Schu? Amy Farrah Fowler?

Ohh the agony!



So what shows take over your life? Which are your absolute faves that you could not give up?! What would you do with all that *extra* time? Or, if you’re my idol not a TV watcher, how do you do it?



  • Corinne

    I get sucked into TV, too! I have a list of shows I watch over my lunch hour if I'm not busy. Russ and I were beginning to feel pretty lazy with our evening TV ritual – sit on couch, turn tv on, watch tv, go to bed. So now we're incorporating tasks we can do while enjoying the tv as well. We're still watching it, but still getting other things accomplished.
    That cancels it out, right? 😉

  • Everyday Adventures

    We watch alot of the same shows! I love Smash, Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Revenge, The Office and Army Wives! I am like you, watching tv to not think, let my mind rest, and for entertainment! I don't think I could give up television for 40 days, I would go crazy or I would be reading or cleaning like a mad woman. Already a type A slight OCD person hehe having more time on my hands, especially at this time of my life, wouldn't help me but definitly in the future Im sure!