Bumpdate: 39 Weeks ~ Baby #2

How far along: 39 Weeks! I’ve made it longer than I did with Emmalyn. I actually didn’t think I would still be pregnant at 39 weeks, to be honest.

Total Weight Gain:
30lbs {see “cravings” below for explanation}

Labor Signs: Sporadic contractions throughout the day, but nothing time-able; been sitting pretty at 2cm for about two weeks now.

Major heartburn

Apparently Baby Girl still has a lot of room in there because she hasn’t slowed down a bit!

Just terrible! However, I feel fortunate that Pregnancy Insomnia has really only hit me at 39 weeks. Overall, I’ve been very, very lucky with sleep.

Cravings & Aversions: I was craving brownie batter the other day so I made a batch and probably ate at least ¾ of the (cooked) brownies (after I generously licked the bowl) myself. Oooohh they were soooo fudgey and gooey…. I don’t eat like that when I’m not pregnant, so no regrets… worth.every.pound.

Funny Moments: At my well-checkup yesterday, I closed the curtain to undress and Emmalyn said, “Are we going to put on a show?” Welp, depends on how you look at it, kid…

Not So Funny Moments: Carrying a kicking and screaming 30-lb three year-old, on top of carrying 30-lbs across my mid-section out of Story Time at the library. That’s 60 pouds of Super Fun.

Nesting: Basically doing laundry every day… just in case!

Best Moments This Week: Spending one last Mother’s Day with JUST my Big Girl. It was very bittersweet. The absolute best was when Emmalyn woke me up and (totally unprompted by anyone) said, “I want to be just like you when I grow up.” Simply the best!

What I Miss: My energy and “normal” body!

Looking Forward To: My mommy coming tomorrow! & Lil Sis’ appearance! However, it would be quite great if she could stay tucked away until after Emmalyn’s dance recital this Saturday. Then, she can grace us with her presence anytime! =)


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