Better Late Than Never

*Originally written on May 17, 2011:
There has been a momentous amount of changes around here lately. One, being our move back home into a (rental) house for our new family of three (4, counting Indy). Between taking care of Emmy and setting up the new house as much as possible before B joins me for good, I hadn’t given much though about the house we were leaving behind. That was until B told me last night that everything was completely moved out. Every last bit of it.
And then, it hit me like a brick. I didn’t know I was going to become so emotional about it. I guess I was too distracted by the excitement and commotion of living close to both sets of Emmy’s grandparents. And it seems a little silly that it would all the sudden “hit” me, when two weeks ago, my dad and in-laws helped me pack the rest of my and Emmy’s belongings into a U-haul. But I think, somewhere in my mind, I thought I was still going to have time to spend one more weekend there. Two weeks ago, I was the last one out of the house to lock up, and I had this very nostalgic, drama-movie-like moment where I stared down a bare hallway, bag in one hand, keys in the other; and revisited, in my mind, every memory made in this house.
This was the home Blake and I spent during our engagement. This was the home we spent as a newly married couple. This was the home we found out we were having a baby. This was the home we brought our little girl home from the hospital. This was the home my husband laid down his head every night I was away from him, recovering from postpartum depression.
I never thought I could get so emotional over a temporary home.
But I also never imagined I would meet so many people who would touch my life forever.
Last night, as I began thinking about all the people I will be moving away from, so too, began the waterworks.
First of all, our next-door neighbor, Becky… A sassy & stylish seventy-something-year-old, with a fun sense of humor and contagious laugh, became a true friend. She was there for me at nine o’clock one December night when I walked through the bushes–barefoot & in shorts; with Emmy tightly tucked in the Moby, as I was having a panic attack while no one was home. And in the crucial days leading up to my rock bottom days, she would babysit keep me company while B was at school.
And then there are my friends. My medschoolwifeclub friends. I don’t think I could have made it through B’s first two years of med school without these ladies. No one understands what it’s like to be married to a spouse in med school, unless you are one. We’ve laughed, cried, vented, and supported one another through numerous tribulations. We’ve babysat one another’s littles, swapped recipes, peer-pressured some to start a blog, & taught each other how to sew. These wives have taught me so much… like how to play Phase 10. I will miss the nights we planned to watch American Idol, but instead laughed until we cried and/or peed a little.
We’ve been through engagements, weddings, two births, & another on the way. Life-altering moments, yo! These girls sent me e-mails and voicemails, and prayers while I was in the hospital. And when I got better, I crashed their game night via Skype. There will never be the right words to thanks these outstanding friends, or describe just how much they mean to me. But I love them. So much! & as cliché as it sounds—but it’s the truth—I know we’ll be friends forever.
I mean, there will always be social networking, right? So I’ll always be able to stalk keep in touch with them forever & ever, right…???
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6 Replies to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Gosh, I don't blame you for taking a walk down memory lane. You have had amazing experiences in that home… good and bad. These experiences are what make you and your sweet family the people you are today. You are so lucky to be blessed with so many wonderful friends!! Yes, thank goodness for social networking 🙂

  2. aww – it's hard to think back on the memories (both good and bad) that one experiences. I think it is wonderful that you were able to meet and get to know such wonderful people. And yes, you WILL be able to keep in touch with them forever and ever 😉

  3. Katie! Give a pregnant girl a warning when you're gonna get sentimental! 😉 Totally teared up reading this. I def would not have survived the past 2 yrs. without all these lovely ladies! We will be friends forever… girls' weekends anyone?! 🙂 Love you!!

  4. I always get sentimental about every place we lived. You make so many memories in a home, and it's hard to let them go. And you made some major memories in that home! BUT… the good news is that you get to fill up your new one with lots of other amazing things to remember down the line 🙂

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