a year ago to the day,
i received some {ehem, shall i say} surprising news.
i went in to the doctor on a friday afternoon,
thinking i had a uti,
and walked out
i always imagined how happy & excited i would be when i’d find out i was pregnant one day.
but when the nervous nurse told me this shocking news,
i felt terrified instead of ecstatic.
suddenly my dreams of becoming a mom felt foreign.
since april 9th 2010,
my life has been a *whirlwind*

this past year has been the most memorable year of my life, to date.
i have changed, & grown, & all for the better.
i love who i am now so much more than a year ago.

i became a mother.

& you, emmalyn grace, made me a mommy.

{i love you}

so… happy oneyearfindingoutimpregnantanniversary, to me 😉



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7 Replies to “BAM!”

  1. awww so cute! Everything happens for a reason, right? 😉 I think with everything you've gone through this year you are handling it like a champ!
    Happy oneyearfindingoutimpregnantanniversary, TO YOU!!! 🙂
    (I'm now singing this to the Alice and Wonderland song!)

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