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Choosing a name is so much more difficult the second time around! With Emmalyn, we pretty much knew right away what we wanted to name her. We threw around ‘Olivia’ and ‘Amelia’ for a while, but we loved the name Emmy and my husband actually came up with Emmalyn as a more “sophisticated” name. Done! In the first trimester. Woop!Woop! (& as you know, we just chose to keep her name a secret until she popped out!)

Now we are a little more than halfway through and I’m having nightmares that Lil Sis won’t have a name come Birth Day. My nightmares actually consist of us coming home from the hospital, and her still not having a name two days postpartum. The nightmares continue with me crying; feeling super frustrated and pressured to pick The Perfect Name.

We have an on-going list of about twenty names, but only a handful are semi-semi-serious contenders. If we had a boy, the name was already decided months ago… Alexander. Piece of cake. I think it’s a tougher decision the second time around because she’s the second girl and her name has to *go* with Emmalyn’s. It has to fit in the same category of “unique,” (or whatever that means these days) but not too far-fetched. Both ‘Emma’ and ‘Lyn(n)’ are classic, traditional, and southern-sounding names. Therefore, we feel like Lil Sis’ name needs to match that. Then there’s the whole nickname situation: I feel like we must give this next baby a nickname because Big Sis has a nickname. I want her to have a nickname not just to be fair, but I think nicknames are fun and cute, too. 

With Emmalyn, we were able to *try out* her name. We would call her by name in conversation and hear it out loud to see if it was fitting for our family. This time around, it’s quite difficult because we don’t want to confuse our big three year-old. If we start calling the baby by a name, say, for a week or two, and Emmalyn picks it up, what’s she going to think if we change it on her?? Instead, we’ve been writing names on her chalkboard, looking at them and soaking them in whenever we walk by.

We have casually and fleetingly thrown around names over the dinner table and have asked Emmalyn what she thinks about them, too. We’ve even asked her what she wants her little sister’s name to be. So far she’s come up with: Minnie Mouse, Baby Ariel, Boopy Baby, and Lasagna. 

While those are great options, Em, the nicknames are looking a little bleak…

We were set on a name–or so we thought–but then realized it’s a name that has been recently been climbing the popularity charts. We actually just met a little girl Emmalyn’s age, named Emma (coincidentally), who’s new baby sister was just named this. I won’t say the name just in case we still use it… I love the name regardless, and am in denial that it’s becoming popular, but Blake has pretty much closed the door to it. (If you’re pregnant and looking at the The Charts, too, you can probably guess what it is…)

We won’t be like the family who is asking the Internet to name their baby, but any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 😉

If you have more than one child of the same gender, how did you decide on #2’s name? Did it come to you right away or were you making last-minute decisions while the Birth Certificate was dangling in front of your face?


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8 Replies to “Baby Girl’s Name”

  1. We named T after my grandmother who passed away while I was pregnant. I love names with significance…makes me feel like that baby will embody the spirit of the person they are named for. 🙂

  2. We were like you guys and knew Grace's name from early on. Like Emmalyn, it's pretty traditional and we knew we had to have something complimentary for little sis. We always liked Charlotte the first time around- and Olivia was always on the list too, so we decided pretty quickly to just use them both since this is likely our last baby to name. 🙂 I know Charlotte is flying up the baby name list lately, but we LOVE Charlie as a nickname and it suits our little miss pretty well (slash the hubs LOVED that he got a tough little name for his girl haha). I'm sure ya'll will pick the perfect name! Have you thought about using Olivia and calling her "Livy"?

  3. Hey, Katie! You know, back in the day, we always had to come up with two names: a boy and a girl, since we didn't know what the gender was until they popped out! We named our Katie after my two grandmothers. Their names were Annie Kate and Reba Sue; from that we got the elegant Katherine Suzanne but always intended for her to be Katie. When number two came along, we had the same thoughts as you. The name needed to fit with Katie. I didn't care so much about the nickname thing. So we came up with Emma Lenora. Just because I loved the name Emma (and at that time NO ONE else was using that name!) and then after me. When number three was coming, we were all about another old fashioned sounding name that now went with Katie and Emma. So we picked Jenny (though not Jennifer, just Jenny) because we liked the name but had learned that having the nickname as the name was a lot less for me to remember when filling out paperwork, lol, and for Kenny's grandmother, Louise. And as you know, number four was a boy named for his father and grandfather, James Kenneth. The funny thing is none of the girls had the same boy's name! So, look to your family for some inspiration, little Katie! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  4. So to with the other's comment on Olivia. Story's middle name is Olivia. We liked Liv for short. Only problem is, Olivia is so fetching common. But if that doesn't bother you, it's cute. Julia turned Jules is cute in my opinion. With Pippa, we knew we wanted it to "go" with Story. So, it had to be different. Came across the name in a book. Was watching Story playing and I could invision another little girl named Pippa playing with her. It just seemed right. The same will happen with you, it may take time. But the right name will feel right just like Emmalyn's name did for you early on.

  5. Ok- just stopping by from your comment on AP's name post! I LOVE thinking of names and have a huge list for baby #3 who doesn't even exist! 🙂 Haha! What about Lillian? It is sophisticated like Emmalyn and you could always call her Lilly for a nickname? Just a thought;) Or I love alliteration- so another cute E name is Ellison "Ellie" 🙂

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn! I love Lilly–super cute. & I really like the name Ellison, too, but I have this silly thing about my kids having different initials… I use initials for organizing my calendar and it would get confusing if they had the same first letter, or E1, E2 –Is that weird? 😉

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