33 Weeks

How far along?
If it looks like this was taken at the end of a long day, it was
And if it looks like this shirt no longer fits, it doesn’t.

Total weight gain:

Maternity clothes:
about 15%

The pinched nerve in my upper thigh is pretty painful at night when I move around, but once I’m comfortable, I feel so relaxed. The pee-count is up to 3-4 times a night, though. At least I can go back to sleep after!

I’ve officially thrown up once each trimester. I randomly threw up this week. And I also inadvertently gave B a scare. {sorry, babe!} He was at school and I texted him to come!home!right!after! because, “I threw up and feel awful.” He comes rushing through the door, thinking we were off to the hospital or something. He was so sweet because he was all concerned, asking me what was wrong, and why I thought I threw up. I was like, “Because I’m pregnant…?” Duh.

Funniest/Most Embarrassing Best moment this week (…TMI):
B and I were watching GLEE online the other day. I had just come back from the pool so I took off my wet bathing suit and just threw on a long t-shirt. I was going to take a shower afterwards anyway, right? So, we’re watching GLEE {obsessed… if you don’t already know!}, and I had to sneeze out of nowhere. 
Sneezing while pregnant + no underwear + sitting on the bed = big mistake
Get the picture??
Of course, I start hysterically laughing {why not?} while Blake is practically shoving me off the bed. (I was on his side, whoops!) Fortunately for him, though, I was sitting on my pillow.
{If you can’t laugh about pregnancy symptoms and mishaps, and share them on the internet for everyone and their mother to see, then you shouldn’t be pregnant. Just sayin’}

What I’m looking forward to:
Seeing some of my favorite people this weekend at my baby shower! 

My mucho ahhmayzing hubby brought me home a Chick-fil-a chocolate milkshake. Heavenly…

still cooked veggies

Baby Girl pretty much has the hiccups 2-3 times a day now. I can literally see my belly jump with every hiccup.
And she gave me a huge kick in the ribs in the middle of the night last night. It really startled me!

Mama’s little girl 🙂

Belly button:
Top is still out, bottom is flat

What I miss:
Laying on my back

Only 4 more weeks til Little Miss is full-term; 6 weeks til 40!

Favorite moments:
We had our Infant Safety & CPR class last night and although I’ve probably been CPR-certified four times over the years, it was great to have a refresher. ‘Ya gotta be prepared, yo!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Lots of pics of the baby shower to come next week 🙂
(I just hope my dress still fits!! eek!)


  • Corinne

    ok so I have to admit that I totally give you huge kuddos. I think I would be a walking zombie if I had to wake up that many times to go to the bathroom! Although I'm sure your body is tired and ready to go back to bed – but if I get up and have to go I can NEVER fall asleep. It makes me so angry!
    Hope you have a wonderful baby shower! Can't wait to see pictures 🙂

  • Tatiana

    I'm still scared each time I laugh or sneeze that the same thing may happen to me… and in public! It's just a nightmare I keep on having…
    You look great by the way 🙂

  • Ams

    Hahahaha I am sitting here killing myself laughing thinking about you on the bed sneezing!! You're right… that's probably just the beginning of the embarrassing things that might happen so may as well have a sense of humor now!!

    You look amazing lady 🙂

  • Ashley

    HAHA! That's awesome! I remember that stage…

    I am always so excited on Fridays when I see that you updated you blog. I love your belly pics!