31 Weeks

How far along?

Total weight gain:

Maternity clothes:
I put on my size zero pre-prego jeans just for kicks and I.can.still.get.them.up!  Just not zipped and buttoned [lol] I seriously thought I’d never get them up my thighs! I make ’em work if I do the hair tie trick though 😉

I’m back to getting up to pee 2-3 times a night. My legs get sore and I have to switch back and forth, but once I’m asleep I’m well rested. 

I haven’t been entirely honest with my symptoms, as some of them aren’t always prevalent or consistent, or even all.that.pesty. so I don’t always feel the need to mention them. But lately, here’s what I’ve been experiencing at some point or another. I figured I’d be really real since I have some followers that are just starting out in their pregnancy or are a little behind me. I wouldn’t want to deceive y’all in any way!

...achiness in lower abdomen/along the sides of my belly…
…heartburn [becoming more frequent], indigestion, flatulence, bloating…
headaches [becoming more frequent]
nasal congestion [A LOT better!]
sensitive gums that bleed when I brush [once in a blue moon]
BACKACHE! [biggest symptom for sure]
soreness by my groin area [especially in the A.M. and P.M]
…itchy abdomen [now I understand why I always see women scratching their bellies hehe]
…protruding navel…
…shortness of breath [doesn’t help that I already have asthma]
…Braxton Hicks…
…absentmindedness [not as bad as the 1st tri though!]

Some days I’ll have the latter symptoms and other days I won’t. You can bet my back is always aching though!

Best moment this week:
Gettin’ my mommy haircut of course!
{Thanks for all the sweet comments. Olive you guys!}

What I’m looking forward to:
Our Labor & Coping class this weekend. Sat & Sun 9-1pm
{I’ll be sure to post about it!}

Our neighbor was grilling the other night and I totally wanted to invite myself over. I’d love me a hotdog on the grill! 

Still veggies, but I mixed them up in a chicken tortilla soup that I love to make. So at least the babe and I are getting them!

SO MUCH that at times it’s actually painful. B and I went to see Easy A yesterday [really funny!] and I couldn’t sit up straight because her feet were jammed in my right hip. It really hurt. I had to lean over the the left to give her room.

pink ‘n pearls

Belly button:
The top is O-U-T out. But not drastically…. yet.

What I miss:
Getting out of bed easily and reaching down to get something off the floor. Takes me a while these days!

My sweet baby girl will be full-term in just SIX WEEKS!

Favorite moments:
Feeling the chickadee move. She has been having the hiccups 1-2 times a day!

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4 Replies to “31 Weeks”

  1. I just love your baby-updates! You still look awesome and your hair is so cute! It really looks great on you!
    I'm nowhere near ready for a little one, but I do appreciate your honesty with your symptoms. I mean, I HOPE to be a mommy someday, so when that day arrives, I'll be sure to come back and re-read your advice 🙂
    Happy Friday, lady! Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

  2. Your hair cut still looks amazing! I appreciate your honesty about your symptoms 😉 I hope y'all have a great time at your class, and I cannot wait to read all about it!! Happy Friday! xo

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