11 Months!

Emmalyn Grace
you are
11 Months Old!
The fun never stops with you, little love. This month, you got to meet a lot more great aunts, uncles, and cousins. We’re so grateful they were able to travel south for your Auntie Shell’s wedding. We were also so thankful for you to be a Flower Girl in the wedding. Mommy and Daddy didn’t have high expectations for your behavior during the ceremony since infants are so unpredictable, but Emmy Grace–you were an angel! Daddy carried you down the aisle alongside cousins Lucas and Rebecca, and you sat on your GG’s lap and didn’t make a peep the entire ceremony!! 
Seeing you in the beautiful dress simply melted our hearts.
The Florida Sunshine is still here, but it has cooled down enough to play outside in the middle of the day. Recently, we’ve been taking you on stroller walks to the park one neighborhood over, where you love to swing. 
One thing mommy does not like about this month is now you try and stand up in the shopping carts. Never mind the fact that you are strapped in to your cart-cover, which is strapped in to the cart seat. You scoop those pudgy legs into your chest & push yourself up. & you are quite persistent, my dear! It’s made a few shopping trips extra challenging, to say the least.
This month unfortunately brought you a notsofun stomach virus & major diaper rash. You were miserable, and mommy was very sad for you. But! I must say, I’m proud we made it almost a year without you getting anything more than the sniffles. You’ve soaked up a lot of Mommy TLC the last few days! Since you were sick, you missed your cousin Lucas’s 3rd birthday party 🙁 
Mommy took you to the doctor and you weigh 17.8 lbs! Who needs to go to the gym when they have you to carry around all day?!
Can you believe that you still don’t have any teeth? You have gotten so much stronger at standing on your own. You don’t even hold on to anything anymore to do so.

You can say… mama, dada, thank you, water, boo, duck, peak-a-boo, wow, whoa, hi, bye-bye; & can sign for “milk” & “more.”

I’m so proud of all your accomplishments, and am looking forward to celebrating your first birthday with our many friends and family!!

I love you so much angel baby!
Forever Your Mommy….

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3 Replies to “11 Months!”

  1. 11 months! Hooray 🙂 Oh, Katie, she looks so beautiful in her flower girl dress. She is such a pretty baby and is growing into such a beautiful little lady. I'm sorry she got sick this month. I hope she is feeling much, much better. Did you read a book or anything on the baby signing? We have a ways to go before we need to start thinking about it but I was just curious what your advice was on the subject. I hope y'all have a great week! xo

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