Our Newest Addition…

At 2.5lbs and 10 weeks old, we welcome our new (fur) baby, Indy! I’ve wanted to get a puppy since I moved out of my parents’ house. Having grown up with a family dog my whole life, I was so sad to leave behind my Shih Tzu and Yorkie. My parents wouldn’t let me take them with me! Finally, I came across a breeder and fell in love with Indy’s picture. I called up and two days later brought him home. My boyfriend named him, after Indiana Jones, naturally. I think he’s a great addition to our little family. He’s becoming well adjusted to his new home.

In other news, I GOT THE JOB! I am now a full-time nanny to two year-old boy/girl twins. They’re absolutely adorable and I’m really excited about being their caregiver. I love children and I’m glad I get to do this for a living. I’ll be honest, I’m still a little bummed about not being able to find a teaching job, but I always say “everything happens for a reason,” and I can’t think different about this situation. I try to take everything that happens to me as a new adventure and learning experience.

Match Madness

Marissa Nicole’s blog, “Married to a Medical Student” has a wonderful explanation of what Blake’s residency match process is all about. He won’t be doing this for a few years, but it might just take that long to understand it all! I’m not even going to attempt to explain it myself. Marissa was kind enough to allow me to link to her page.

Please check it out! (Especially my and Blake’s family)


(sorry, I don’t know how to make it a link)

Thanks again Marissa!

Ordinary Day

Today was basically just like any other day. I rolled out of bed when Blake left to go to class. A new kindergarten teaching position opened, so I got dressed, grabbed my cover letter and resume, and headed out the door. It didn’t seem so promising when I got there, as the receptionist said people have been coming in all day (it was only 10 a.m. when I got there). Back at my house, I parked myself on the couch, watched a little TLC like I do every day, and surfed the Internet. Oh! One glimpse of excitement that happened today was I got a call for an interview for a nannying position. I’m going tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!

I wanted to share my first and latest crafty cooking. I made ladybug cupcakes for Blake’s parent’s wedding anniversary. I gave the bugs to them when they came to visit a couple of weeks ago. They’re super cute—if I do say so myself, and not too hard to concoct. Time consuming and messy, but F-U-N! I experimented with the spots (snow caps, mini kisses, M&Ms), but decided the M&Ms worked the best. YUM!

As a fun little gift for Blake’s 1st day of med school, I put together a little survival kit for him:


The Start of Something New

Well, this is my very first post. I’m both excited and nervous all at the same time because I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve created this blog to keep family and friends up to date on our life on the gulf coast. I think this is a clever way to keep the people we love up to speed with Blake’s successes in medical school, my journey in search of a career, and our new life together.

He’s already into his third week of a first year med school student (or M1, as I’ve come to learn). I’m so proud of him because he earned an A on his first test. Way to go! My thoughts are with him as he continues to prepare and study hard for his next exam—which will be seven hours long!!!! I don’t know how he does it. On top of going to medical school all day, he still manages to play soccer and basketball a few times a week AND spend quality time with me at home.

As for me, I am in search of a teaching job. I have my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and am working on my Master’s in Exceptional Student Education. I am sure many of my posts will be about my journey in search of a steady income. School is just around the corner, and I want to wish my education girls good luck in their first year of teaching. I know each and every one of them will be a fabulous educator!

I was lucky enough to spend time with my wonderful parents, dogs, friends, and sisters this weekend in Orlando. I couldn’t have been happier spending time with Lauren and Kearstin—they always know how to make me laugh!

Well, I think that about does it for my first post. Phew! That wasn’t so bad after all.