“I Wanna Be a Billionaire…

…so freakin’ bad.”
Then I could buy my soon-to-be daughter e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I want!!
Especially, everything from Etsy.
Here’s what I’ve been swooning over lately…

But most of all… this is a MUST! After this month, we’re getting it! Like for reals. You can’t put a price on pictures of your little one. Am I right?! The only problem is that it doesn’t have video. So what to do? Upgrade to the next model that does have video? Or buy a separate recorder? Say like a Flip? And these things ain’t cheap, peeps!

[Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xs Black 10.1 MP Digital SLR With 18-55-IS lens]


Now if you could tell me how I could become a billionaire and buy all these fabulous things, I’d love you forever. kthanks.