Sunday Stickies

Things I never thought I’d do with my newborn baby…
{but we all know how this went down and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family… and that’s all that matters}

{I used to *gasp* at the moms who brought their teeny tiny babies to public places like Target and Wally World, but honestly, when you gotta go, you gotta go. We just made sure to keep our hands clean, and covered her up!}

{Oh, this one. I was TOTALLY against pacifiers before I was pregnant. But let’s be real… my girl needs it. There are just times when she needs a soothie. And there are times when mom is falling over starving needs to fix lunch and has a fussy baby who does not want to be put down. The binky fix allows me to do that. She’ll usually only suck on it for a few minutes, then spit it out, or we’ll take it out after she’s calmed down. Blake looked up the medical pro’s and con’s of pacifiers: 
PROS: soothes a fussy baby, temporary distraction, help baby fall asleep, and may help reduce sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) [source]}
[she still looks cute!]

{I never thought I’d be okay leaving my baby behind, but last night my parents watched Emmy for a few hours while B and I finally went to see Harry Potter. I missed her, but I wasn’t a nervous wreck like I thought I’d be! Go me!}

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

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Sunday Stickies

So…. Emmalyn has many nicknames…

Which one’s your fav?
**I almost always write my posts the night before, like this one.
I’m going to be taking a little break from my blog (hopefully not too long) to focus on MY recovery. Emmalyn is PERFECT, sleeping through the night (with the exception of being woken up every 2 hours to nurse), but I jumped in way too quickly to thinking I can do everything. And I can’t. Which led to an ER trip last night for dehydration and nausea. I have to take care of myself if I want to take care of my daughter. Please keep us in your prayers as I recover. Thank you!**

Sunday Stickies

Random Facts About Me

Kinda creepy, huh?! B and I think so! LOL

Happy Sunday, y’all!!
**UPDATE: Since I got asked about the wax thing, here are some more deets…
I was asked by Ripley’s Believe it or Not to be the “model” mold for Britney’s and Madonna’s body for their wax exhibit. Did you think that the celebrities did their own figures? Yeah, me too. Apparently not. So for the gig I wore basically a bathing suit, then they covered me in this really pretty purple gooey-gak stuff. I had to stand or sit in the position you see in the pictures the entire time. After the purple goo was on, they covered me in casting (sort of like paper-mache lol) Then I had to wait for that to dry. It was A LOT of fun!