Make Way for the Bump

It’s official. The “bump” is beginning to get in the way. My size 24-inch waist is now 33. At first, I noticed it getting in the way with little things like accidentally brushing the door on my belly.

But now… 
I can no longer beat Indy to his toy at my feet.
I can no longer reach certain things in the kitchen.
I can no longer put on my shoes with such ease.
I can no longer jump out of bed to pee.
I can no longer shave without having to guess where I’m shaving.

BUT! I am trying to take advantage of all the things I can still do. At least for now…
I can still see my feet.
I can still touch my toes.
I can still fit into non-maternity clothes.
I can still… well I’ll think of something later.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m really starting to feel the affects of pregnancy. It’s like today, for instance, I was just sooooo tired and honestly… just sort of uncomfortable. No pain, just kinda heavyI’m not really sure how else to explain it, but for the first time I’m really starting to feel all the extra weight I’m carrying.  I just didn’t feel like getting up today because it felt like such a chore. I did however, manage to get my butt up and on the elliptical at the gym this afternoon. Snaps for me.


And don’t even get me started on the dreaded three: sneezing, laughing, and coughing. I may or may not have totally peed my pants when I sneezed today. It’s true. And it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened, but my initial reaction always is, WTH? Did that just happen? B had the fortunate opportunity of witnessing the whole thing. We were sitting on the couch… the sneeze snuck up… and B-A-M! The damage was done. I looked at him and said, I just peed! And his response was GET UP!! Followed by me falling to the floor in hysterical l.a.u.g.h.t.e.r. Why not?! It’s gonna happen and I know it’s only going to get worse.

[I may or may not regret sharing that personal piece of info later on…]

In other news… I’m so excited because my Sticky Bellies came in today! What’s this, you might ask? Only the cutest thing to document/capture your baby’s monthly growth/milestones:
[Source: Sticky Belly]
They’re twelve individual stickers that you stick on to a onesie/shirt each month. So cute!
*Check out their website here*
I can’t wait til my little love is here to wear them.

***For the record, I’m totally not complaining about being pregnant. I love it and wouldn’t trade those rolls and flips my sweet baby girl loves to do at 2AM for anything in the world right now.


It’s 3:17 a.m. 

And what am I doing up?

Well, first, I was woken up by Little Miss kicking my bladder. Got up. Peed. Laid back down. Tossed. Turned. 

The little bean started practicing her one-woman acrobatic act at about 2:30, until BAM! That urge hit me. Upside the head. The I’m-hungry-and-have-to-eat-something-NOWurge. I told myself, just try counting back from 100, and if you’re still not asleep, get your hungry butt up. So I tried. The kiddo continued her acro act, while I helplessly counted backwards. It’s amazing what our minds can do all at once. I managed to think about all the possible things I could blog about, plus design the nursery, all while successfully counting backwards. 

I really didn’t want to get out of bed. 

But my body didn’t care. Neither did the babe. She was hungry. And there’s no denying my baby food! 

So now I’m up. Eating Cheerios. But at least I’m not alone. Indy decided he should join in on the middle.of.the.night fun. He whined in his crate. I gave in.

Now? Now I’m not really all that sleepy. Great. At least I don’t have to be up early tomorrow… er, well, today. My hubs does though. He’s got an early morning at school, followed by a test. But then! He’s all mine! He’s been a busy bee this week, studying and working hard. I’m excited for his test to be over though so he can help me build our Little Girl’s shelves. 


Do you know what’s on my mind now? [Now that I’m wide awake.] 

How cool pregnancy is. And how weird it can be, too. There’s a tiny little human being growing inside me. It’s both creepy and cool all at the same time. I absolutely love feeling her wiggle and squirm inside me. Everyone tells me that’s what they miss most when the baby is born. And I can believe it. But I also can’t wait until she’s wiggling and squirming in my arms. I love just daydreaming about what she’s going to look like. I hope she has brown eyes and hair like her mama, but my guess is that she’ll look a lot like Blake. [Puh-leeaase have his nose!] I’ve noticed a lot of first-born’s look like their daddies. I know I do. 

I didn’t mind when she broke out into a choreographed hip hop dance at 2:30 this morning. I was actually very happy about it. Every time she moves I imagine her saying, I’m doing just fine in here, Mom. Thanks for the cozy home. Oh, I can’t wait to meet her in less than 100 days! But please, Little Girl, stay in there. Lately I’ve been having dreams about delivering her, like now, and she barely weighs 2 lbs., and it’s SCARY! Every night, I pray for her. I pray to God that she’s healthy, safe, thriving, and growing. I’d rather her be over-due than under-due. My little turkey needs to stay in the oven! 

I’m both nervous and excited and feeling oh-so-blessed. 

Okay, enough of my middle-of-the-night ramblings. 

I’m gonna get something else to eat 😉

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Maternity Madness

Never in my life have I been discriminated against. Until this weekend. I went shopping with my mama and did you know that Bealls (Florida’s upgrade of Marshall’s), Dillards, and Macy’s don’t sell maternity?! That’s discrimination!

[Okay, so maybe that was a little dramatic, but still!]

I was offended.

The hubs kindly reminded me that maybe there just isn’t enough of a demand for maternity clothes. I don’t care! They should still sell it.

Personally, I think Express and JCREW should sell maternity. Wouldn’t that be perfect? I mean, it would make sense. Twenty & thirty-somethings shop at these stores the most, right? And they’ll probably end up having a baby during this time, right? These are two of my favorite stores (in my finance-fantasy world, of course) and why should I have to stop shopping here? Why do you have to send me to Motherhood Maternity. Ick.

See? This is CUTE!

Okay, so I’m not totally hating on maternity stores. I have to give them credit that they’ve gotten a lot cuter, BUT my problem is that they don’t fit me! Pre-preg I was a size zero. Besides my waist line, nothing else has changed (…so far). I’ve gained eleven el-bees and it’s all in the bump. But I really needed some maternity tank tops. Mine are just way too short nowadays. So I try one on at Motherhood Maternity and it fits in the belly, but it’s huge up top. It’s baggy in the shoulders and arm holes. Every.single.shirt. is like this. What’s a girl to do?!

And don’t even get me started on the price. We’re women who are paying hundreds of dollars on baby necessities, and are saving for college funds, we don’t have all this extra money laying around. Why should we have to spend more on clothes we’re only going to wear for less than nine months? $24.00 for a tank top? I.don’ 

Bottom line, I refuse to stop looking cute just because I’m pregnant. I’m no fashionista, but I want to look good! I don’t want to be stuck wearing my husband’s tees and sweats at six months. 

[I’m saving this hot look for nine months, thank you.]

So ladies, prego, or post-prego, or ‘ya know someone who’s prego, where can I find cute, petite maternity clothes? And still have money in my wallet?

Girl’s Got Style

Our little girl isn’t even born yet and she already has her first pair of designer shoes! Our friend, and also Blake’s classmate, went to Italy over the summer with her husband and brought our daughter back Burberry shoes. Whaaatt??!! I don’t even have designer shoes! Tell me these are not ridiculously cute!
I absolutely cannot wait ’til she can wear these! 

In other news… I’m staying at my parents’ house this week while the hubs is in Jamaica on a mission trip. He went over there with a few classmates and doctors to work in the clinics. I guess this is a trial run of the future because I am not able to talk to him this entire week!! 🙁 
But what’s even more miserable than that is yesterday, my parents started having their house re-painted, and the painters cut the cable line. No TV or Internet! AND on top of that, they shut the A/C off . Hello?? I live in Florida and it’s a bazillion and one degrees here in July. Seriously, no TV, Internet, or A/C…. are you trying to kill a pregnant lady?! It was miserable to say the least. I did watch Finding Nemo and The Holiday (my all-time fav) to occupy me. Then today, nerd alert, I watched the first Harry Potter (getting excited about the new one!!!) until the cable guy came and fixed everything. Hallelujah! 
Hope y’all are staying cool in this crazy heat!