…Watching… Fine! I confess… I am a TV junkie. I’ll admit it: I watch way too much TV. It’s my vice. I love to be lazy and curl up on the sofa after Emmalyn goes to bed, and catch up on my DVR. Some of my favorites include The Mindy Project [I die. every week. it’s hill-air-E-us!], New Girl, Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Baby Daddy, Nashville, and The Carrie Diaries (which is totally the new Gossip Girl). I cannot watch reality TV!! It irks me & gets under my skin & leaves me all twitchy & in a bad mood. I don’t need to watch grown women fight, whine, and cry; I get enough of that at home with a three year-old!
…Reading… umm… does Pinterest and Facebook count at literature? didntthinkso. The last book series I read was Divergent. The first 2 1/2 books were enthralling. The last half of the third book? notsomuch. I despised the ending. Oh well! I’m sure I’ll still go see the movie. I really do love to read, though. I go through phrases where I’ll read several books in a very short period of time, then nothing for a few months. Maybe if I stopped watching so much television…
…Doing… I’ve been s l o w l y moving Emmalyn’s toys out of the playroom & into her bedroom to make way for Lil Sis. I started doing this right after the holidays. She’s been doing really well with handling toys her in room. Before, she only had books and puzzles–ya know, quiet things. Yesterday I moved in her play kitchen and the large cubby-box-organizer-thingy containing all her kitchen accessories while she was at school. Upon discovering the change after her nap she said to me, “What did you do to my room?” I asked if she liked it and she shook her head no, but I’m pretty sure she isn’t traumatized–all afternoon, & even this morning, she’s been having a blast with all the extra floor space in the baby’s room. All that’s left to move over are her musical instruments (which may or may not take a detour to the baby’s closet for a while), her dress-up clothes, and all those little random toys that I never know what to do with?

…Dreaming… about writing & illustrating a children’s book. I’ve actually already written it, but need to hunker down and get started on the pictures. This has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, but honestly I wouldn’t even know how to go about getting it published. One day, though. One day! If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!

…Loving… Designing the new baby’s nursery! We decided to keep the full-size bed in there for late night feedings/early mornings. Plus, the nursery can double as a guest room when needed since there’s a bathroom attached to it. The people who previously lived in our house also had two little girls and painted this (our nursery) room a beautiful shade of aqua-ish blue. I’m uhbsessed with it! I think it will be a perfect fit for our “nautical” theme. A very fitting theme–if I do say so myself–since Daddy’s in the Navy. Here’s a little inspiration from my Pinterest board:

…Working on… Finding a rhythm. I say “rhythm” because it sounds way less daunting than “balance”, don’t you think? Trying to find balance overwhelms me, but finding a rhythm to my life seems a lot more realistic. Currently, the Hubs is working 12+ hour days, six days a week for this month’s Residency rotation; which means Emmalyn and I need to find our own rhythm. I truly thought I’d be struggling to come up for air with my husband working so much, but it really hasn’t been as bad as I imagined it. Of course it’s a drag that we get very limited time with him when he gets home from work, and there are some nights I only see him thirty minutes before he has to go to bed (just to wake up and do it all over again the next day), but I think Emmalyn and I have sort of slid into a “flow” of how our day goes. The days are long, but the years are short.

…Thinking about… Starting a Facebook page for this little blog of mine. As of right now, I just post links to my blog through my personal (& private) Facebook page. A part of me thinks creating a Loyal, Loving, & Learning FB page seems conceited–like, “Look at me! Look at me!” but I get, on average, 700 hits a day. Some days 1,000. It seems like it may be time to separate it from my private News Feed. What do you think? Would you become a “fan” if I created a LLL page?

Alrighty! So now it’s YOUR turn… I want to know all about your current events! 🙂



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The Time We Became “The 3 Little Pigs”

This second day of January started off as a rough one. I woke up to Indy peeing on the bed. Yep. Then Emmalyn threw a tantrum because she didn’t want to hold a toy that she was …ehem… already holding. Seriously??

But the turbulent start got me reflecting on all The Little Things that means so much in life.

Like, how whenever Emmalyn comes to the doctor’s office with me for a well-prenatal checkup, she whispers, “Introduce me, Mommy.” And I have to announce to the doctor, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, introducing… Emmalyn Grace Van Brunt!”

Or, laughing about how Emmalyn tells her teachers at school that “Mommy does yoga and boring things” after I drop her off. Hey, if it gets her to go to school, go for it girlfriend!

Those are The Things that get me through the tough days.

And that’s just the beginning.

I love how Emmalyn always has to FaceTime with Joey, my parents’ dog–or else! She even goes so far as to ask BopBop if she can see the growing tomatoes in the backyard.

Karaoke dance parties for an adorable one year-old’s birthday party makes me smile. And the fact that his momma makes cupcakes with apples-and-bananas-slash-all-natural-no-added-sugar-ingredients just like me, makes me grin even wider.

& can we talk about the fact that living in Central Time Zone rocks my socks off because we got to watch the ball drop at 11pm instead of 12am? Therefore, this tired momma could go to bed an hour earlier? Yep. Smiling.

My love tank was filled to the brim when I witnessed my reluctant little nephew step outside the pew at church to follow Emmalyn into Liturgy of the Word. All by himself… for the first time. His braveness was inspiring, and the look on his proud little face when he came back melted my heart.

The two cousins, in general, melt my heart. Their opposite personalities attract one another, creating an inseparable bond. One I know they’ll have for life.

The guilt I feel for not sending out Christmas cards this year?? Gone. Gone because The Little Things filled me up to the fullest. And so what? There’s always Valentine’s Day… or Easter… or, well, let’s be real… I probably won’t send out family cards until it’s time for a Birth Announcement.

And that’s all right.

The biggest Little Thing took place when Emmalyn and I went to watch Daddy play basketball at the Y. The three of us were passing the ball back and forth before he played and Emmalyn said, “Look at us! We’re like The Three Little Pigs!” 

The Three Muskateers ain’t got nothin’ on us!

Happy 2014 to you, my friends!

May it be a year of lots of loving and learning.


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Show & Tell: Stranded Island

1. Tell us, if you could only take 5 people with you to a deserted island, who would it be, and why?
 Now, what kind of deserted island are we talking about? Like a Bora Bora/Tahiti/Maldives type of island…? Because if we are, then I’m totally down for being stranded. When does the S.S. Minnow leave?! I’d for sure bring my husband. For one, he’s my husband; and two, he’s basically a doctor, so he’d bring the Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide. IF I decided to bring Emmalyn with me, I’d also have to bring my parents… you know, to babysit. With views like Tahiti, you better believe we’ll need a babysitter 😉

On the other hand, if we’re talking about a deserted island, Hunger Games style (except without The Capital controlling everything), then I’d still bring my hubby, but would definitely also bring professional survivalist, Steven Rinella from The Travel Channel, because, well you know… the guy’s made a career out of surviving. Bear Grylls, from Man vs. Wild would be an exceptional addition to my Stranded Island Crew, too–just in case Mr. Rinella needed some assistance. That leaves us with two more recruits… Hmm, I think I’d bring Zooey Deschanel for comedic relief & random interpretive dance moves. I swear we were twins in another life. Lastly, I’d probably bring my mom so I could be babied–HA! There are times when I ‘just want my mommy’ and I feel like being on a deserted island would be another one of those times.

You’re probably thinking, “You wouldn’t bring your own daughter?” Hells to the no. If I can’t get her to eat avocados, how the heck do you think I’m going to get her to eat bugs and trees?! Plus, she’s not potty-trained. Enough visual.
2. Show us which island you’d like to be deserted at. 
3. Tell us, if you could only bring 3 items with you, what would those items be. And why?
Feminine products. Why? Well, imagine not having them. Again, enough visual. I would bring a journal and pen. (Wait, does that count as one or two items?) I think I would go insane if I couldn’t jot down my random thoughts/feelings. Plus, it would make for really good memories. For my third item, I’d bring sun cream. I’m huge when it comes to protecting my skin!
4. Show us 3 pictures that you would take with you.
This is my favorite picture from our wedding:
A newborn photo of Emmalyn:
To make me laugh:
5. Tell us what you envision life would be like on that island. Do you think you would go into survival mode? Would you be like those Survivor people and eat bugs? What qualities do you possess that would help you survive. Do share.

I would not survive… I’m super optimistic, huh? I don’t even weigh enough to donate blood, so how could I live off of bugs and leaves?! Damn. So much for enjoying a deserted island…
So what about you?
Do tell!

Show & Tell: High School Memories

I’m linking it up with…

1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}

Freshman year was hell. I had come from a verrrrry small private middle school. Verrrrry small, meaning 11 kids in my graduating class. Yes. Eleven. So needless to say, I knew no one going in to high school. & to top it off, I was painfully shy. & had braces. & frizzy curly hair. Freshman year was so bad that one time I even ate lunch in the bathroom because I couldn’t find anyone to sit with. [please tell me I’m not alone on this one, or I might just have to go crawl under a rock with embarrassment…]

In HS, I was really involved in competitive dance, practicing for hours every day after school. I would do my homework in class since I would barely have time to do it at home. Honestly, I really just went to school to get it over with. I made decent grades (except in math), excelled in my Early Childhood elective class (go figure), but never pushed myself to be better.

By the end of sophomore year, my looks had started to change {see: question 2} and I was starting to fit in better; although by no means was I ever popular. I was dating the “cutest” boys, which was fun at the time, but totally unnecessary! I would go to house parties on the weekend, doing the stupid things you do at stupid high school parties, when parents are out of town {gasp! not me! no, never!}

My husband and I joke now that we would not have *clicked* in high school. He was a straight-A guy, focused on college, friends with everyone… and I was well, not.

2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere.

  {yes…. I had blonde hair throughout most of high school. crazy, right?}

3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?
I went to a very nice, newly renovated public high school where there were roughly 900 in my graduating class. Yes. 900. Our mascot was a Patriot, with our colors naturally being red, white, and blue. 
4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes?
Nothing about high school stands out the most. How terrible is that?! I dreaded going to school, and wished it away almost every day. My best memories were of dance, after school, where I could just be ME.
5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.

Ohh geeze… there’s so much I could say… PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS!!! There will be plenty of time for chit-chatting and finding out all the latest gossip. In the end, it’s more important to get a great education than it is to wear the cutest clothes or date the cutest boys.

High school is just a short four years in the grand scheme of life. Yes, you evolve and learn a lot about yourself, but they’re definitely not the “best four years of your life”.

& most importantly…. BE NICE TO YOUR PARENTS!! ’nuff said.


What about you? What were you like in high school?


Today. Raw.

This ticking of the clock

The thoughts running through my head

Heart beating

Mechanical air briefly brushing over my hair

Blue and white aged quilted blanket,

wrapped tightly around my legs.

Soft dog, smells of baby powder,

also wrapped around my legs.

Thoughts ticking

Heart beating

Rumbling of cars go by

Heavy eyelids,

staring out into nothingness

Mind is blank

Honestly, blank


Tanned skin tingles

Legs crossed, toes entwined

Half-full water is still

Nose itches

Fingers move swiftly across the keys

No editing, no rewriting

Just me and my thoughts





Are We Flexible?

For anyone who is a little OCD, or Type A, the word *flexibility* can leave you feeling like a fish out of water. You can’t live without like your neat + orderly planner… color coded, of course!

But what happens when Life’s Oopsie Daisies knocks down your door? How do you react? Do you hold yourself together like the Queen of England, or do you react like Snooki after one too many drinks? I’m gonna take a guess here, and not judge you for throwing a few *F bombs* and weave-pulling when that color coded planner of yours needs a nice coat of White-Out.

But what’s the use in panicking, or throwing a fit Jersey Shore style? What’s that going to get you? A headache? More wrinkles? A Xanax?

I had one of those nights last night. All day I had been looking forward to my mother-in-law coming to watch Emmy in the late afternoon, so I could sneak away for a much needed pedicure. Teaching sixteen very chatty 3-4 year-olds ballet + tumbling had me exhausted, and nothing sounded quite better than sitting in a massage chair, getting my feet rubbed. Can I get an Amen?!

But, Life’s Oopsie Daisy knocked on my door. My MIL called to say that my FIL was having car troubles so she would have to take a rain-check on babysitting. Damn. Of course I felt disappointed since I had been looking forward to it all day and really needed it for my sanity but my in-law’s situation was much!more!important! than my toes.

Instead of crawling up into a ball, I called my mom to see if she could swing by after work… YES!

Problem solved, right?


My dad called to say that my mom got into a small fender-bender. Thank goodness she was perfectly fine {albeit pissed} and it was just a small dent, but she was waiting on the police to file a report.

All right, so no pedicure for me tonight. I may come across as a brat to some, but any momma knows, sometimes you just neeeed an hour {or two, or three, or…} to yourself. It makes you a better mother.

So instead of huffing + puffing about my plans changing, I decided to be flexible. If I couldn’t go out to get a pedicure, I’d just do one myself after the little bambino went to bed. Although not my original plan, or my ideal option, the problem was solved. I would have a fresh coat of polish on my tootsies, and my dignity–having kept my cool, unlike someone-with-a-monster-pouf 😉

But, the story’s not over quite yet, my friends…

The doorbell rings, and it’s my mother-in-law! With dinner! Ohh how I love her…
She was able to swing by and feed us, before heading on to other obligations.

Then to make things even better, my dad shows up! He said my mom was going to be late, but she was on her way….

Can you guess what happened next?

Yep. Pedicure Paradise, here I come!

After getting turned away from one place because the wait was too long, I soon found myself sinking into the massage chair; gyrating from the mechanical vibrations, and smiling all the while…

Gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my family–pulling through for me, even with their own Life’s Oopsie Daisies.

I’m blessed.

**So how do you deal with Life’s Oopsie Daisies? Do you panic? Pull your weave out a-la-Jersey-Shore-style? Or are you calm, cool, and collected like the Queen?**


Do I Dare?

What do Phil Dunphy, Schmidt, Rachel Berry, Dan Humphrey, Karen Cartwright, Sheldon Cooper,  and Dwight all have in common…???

They’re taking over my life!

Goodness gracious, y’all… I watch a lot of TV.

I hadn’t really given it much thought until people shared on FB that they were giving it up for Lent. My yoga instructor gave it up for a whole month (and counting) just to better herself.

I don’t know if I could do the same. Could you?

I watch TV so I don’t have to think. & to have a good laugh. After a long day, my husband and I like to vege and cuddle on the couch, while watching our DVR’d shows.

Taking my writing class made me see how much TV sucks up my time!

My TV Lineup:

Two Broke Girls (3o min)
Gossip Girl (1 hr)
Secret Life of the American Teenager (embarrassingly, yes; 1 hr)
Smash (1 hr)

Glee (1 hr)
New Girl (30 min)
Last Man Standing (30 min)

Whitney (30 min)
Are you there, Chelsea? (30 min) 
Modern Family (30 min; although I wish it were an hour!)

Grey’s Anatomy (1 hr)
Big Bang Theory (3o min)
The Office (30 min)

That’s 9 hours!

Now, I never watch these *live* so let’s take away about an hour’s worth of commercials, ‘kay?

So that’s 8 hours…

BUT–let’s not forget sporadic bursts of TV throughout the day… Today Show, Live with Kelly, House Hunters, Ellen Degeneres….

So let’s add on 10 more hours (2 hours a day, per 5 days a week)…

Now we’re at 20!

Oh, wait… what about the weekend?

Let’s add 4.


Do you know how much I could get accomplished in 24 hours?!?? That’s like adding an 8th day to my week!

For one, I could read and comment on all of your blogs! Ha!

Orrr…. I could clean house, work out, write, change the world, shop, bird watch, …

Granted, I don’t play catch-up on my DVR until Little Miss is either napping or down for the night, so my time isn’t taken away from her. However, The Fresh Beat Band may just be my new BFFs. They’re life savers for letting me switch over the laundry, cook, pee…

Anywho! Do I think I could ever give up TV?







Aw, who am I kidding?!

I do think I need to be a little *choosier* with my time spent watching TV.

But who would I give up?! LonelyBoy? Schmidt? Cameron & Mitchell? Mr. Schu? Amy Farrah Fowler?

Ohh the agony!



So what shows take over your life? Which are your absolute faves that you could not give up?! What would you do with all that *extra* time? Or, if you’re my idol not a TV watcher, how do you do it?


Dump of the Photos.

Lately, there has been so much going on that I’ve found it hard to slip away into my Mom Cave and blog. I’ve been reassessing certain aspects of my life; and I’ll soon share, but for now, here’s a plethora of iPhone photos to fill your cute-baby-fix….


A Retirement Letter

Dear Mr. Bumb O. Chair,

You have been such an admirable addition to our family. After adopting and welcoming you into our home, you never once disappointed us. You have been loyal to my daughter, and are immensely loved by our family. It’s going to be quite an arduous adjustment to no longer share in your company day after day.

I deeply apologize for my daughter’s growth and strength–resulting in your retirement. If I could keep her from climbing out of your foundation, I would. Thank you for the past six months of your cooperation and support. We’ve shared wonderful memories with you–including several birthdays, Easter, our Marriage Celebration, Mother’s & Father’s Day, family vacations–& not to mention, the numerous ordinary, but nonetheless special days.

You’ve endured a lot while staying with us. You’ve tolerated dried-up sweet potatoes and poop explosions, never once complaining. And while your name was often mistaken for “Dumbo,” “Bumpy,” “Boppy,” and “Dumpy,” by friends and family, you always continued to hold your composure. Thank you for helping make my life a lot easier. You are Man’s Greatest Gift to the World. I would be honored to write you a recommendation should you need it in the future.

I pray you enjoy your temporary home in The Attic. I hope you will consider coming out of retirement in 2.5-3 years, as I will be grateful for your assistance once more. I will miss you dearly, my friend. But this is not goodbye–it’s “I’ll see ya later!”

Graciously Yours,
Momma Kate
(& Emmy)

{love at 6.5 weeks old 1st sight}

Moving to Austrailia

& it’s only 12pm.
On Tuesday, I decided to be Miss Frugalista and take Indy to a grooming school near our home. I should have seen the red flags when the girl couldn’t do basic math. But silly me, I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt and thought, Well I’m sure she’ll take good care of my puppy because she’s fresh and eager to do well, right?
Wrong. She nipped my poor baby!! They “glued” the cut together & the girl was crying–she felt so bad. 
Flash forward to this morning, & what do ya know? It’s infected.
{insert angry katie face here}
So now I’m trying to figure out what to do because:
1. We don’t have a vet yet since we moved.
2. Blake worked his first 27-hour shift at the hospital, with only two hours of sleep &
3. Emmy is screaming to be fed.
I really didn’t want B to take Indy to get checked out because he had been working so many hours and I just wanted him to sleep. But, he suggested he go because he’s better at being stern and laying down the law! 
{my words, not his}
So off he went with Indy….
Meanwhile, I switched over the laundry {because i didn’t want to leave it in there wet for a week like i did last time… yea, ew…} Emmy was quite content in  her high chair so I didn’t disrupt her. When I went to unbuckle her, guess what little fragrant surprise I found?
blow-out all over the high chair !!!
Instead of getting all frustrated, I’m taking a step back, breathing, venting to you, moving to Austrailia, & will return to the poop momentarily. 
I think I’ve had my share of eventfulness today, what do ya think?
OH!! & guess who’s 7 MONTHS today?!?!????
^^ if you said her, you’re right 😉 ^^
Come back later today–or tomorrow, or in five years when I post her 7-month stats!
Anyone wanna move to Australia with me??