29 Weeks’ Belly Pic

*Warning: Sorry about the pic quality. I accidentally locked my camera and don’t know how to unlock it. lol But we’re getting an SLR in October–can’t wait!

Here’s my 29 week belly to go along with my update from yesterday. 
Check it out here:
[Indy had to make a little appearance]

One piece of advice I recently received was don’t compare yourself to other pregnant women. I was starting to get concerned that my belly wasn’t big enough. However, at my last well check-up I was measuring right on target. Nothing to worry about. Every woman is different, carries differently, and grows differently. So lesson learned… I shouldn’t listen to people saying things like, you’re still so small… yada yada
Nothing is wrong with me 😉

A LOT of changes have happened over the last few days:

{I have to bend over to see my feet now…very weird!}

{Putting on shoes is difficult}

{Bending over period is difficult}

{Getting out of bed is not.so.easy. anymore}

{I get tired a lot faster}

I mentioned yesterday that the babe’s foot has been glued to my right hip for the past few days, but as of last night, she is now wedged between my hip and ribs. It’s such a strange feeling. It actually takes my breath away at times. It took a while to get comfortable all last night because she was kicking so much!!


As you probably know, we got our crib… YEA!!! 
While I was home over the weekend, I brought back the mattress and obviously could.not.wait any longer to set up Baby Girl’s bedding.
I think it’s so precious and l.o.v.e it! 
More fun things to come, that’s for sure!

Nursery Update

Things are finally coming along in the nursery department. Thank goodness my sister-in-law called us Saturday night to tell us about a great deal at Target: Buy the crib, get the matching changing table for F-R-E-E! Yep. That’s right. The crib converts into a toddler bed, and full-size bed.
She’s a beauty in “Espresso”:
[The mattress is still at my parents’ house so I couldn’t fully set everything up yet]

[will hopefully get my baskets off my registry to go on the shelves]

Thank goodness my awesome in-laws were in town visiting for Labor Day to help us set it up. I’m so happy it all worked out 🙂

We also went ahead and set up the playard in our bedroom so Indy would get used to it. I thought he’d growl or bark at it, but he could care less. I guess that’s a good sign!
[L.O.V.E. this pattern! And works for a boy one day, too!]

AND….. our car seat/stroller arrived today (thanks to B’s aunt and uncle) WAHOO!! Silly me thought it would come already assembled (just folded up), but ha-ha… yeah right. I opened it up and it’s all.in.pieces. 

If you have a baby I’m sure you know there are a bazillion many different products out there to choose from and it can be terribly overwhelming. We’ve received a lot of advice/suggestions, and I’ve read a ton of consumer reports online. It’s seems that for every several “Excellent” reviews, there’s always a complainer. We did the best we could and know that people like/dislike products for different reasons and there’s always going to be “something” that “someone” doesn’t like about it. In any case, we chose this stroller for a few different reasons: 
I could maneuver it easily through the aisles/It wasn’t unstable 
I could easily collapse it/pick it up/open it back up
There’s a lock on the front wheel if you choose to jog down a straight path
The car seat handle made it easy to hold from every angle
 …and this might be the most important reason… 
You can hook your iPod up to its speakers!!!
[okay so maybe that’s Blake’s fav part about the stroller]

Overall, I think we made a great choice about everything, but I guess we’ll find out when the little chickadee comes. She’ll be the real critic.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day!

Nursery Nifties

Remember this little pretty? You know… the one I was obsessing swooning over and finally got for Little Miss, courtesy my fabulous momma?
Well, last week I got in touch with my inner-Martha and whipped up a matching bird mobile to go with the theme. I improvised a little since Ms. Stewart’s supplies were lengthy, specific, and more tedious than need-be. (Sorry, Martha) PLUS, I have the unfortunate pleasure of living near really crappy Michael’s and JoAnn’s craft stores. Hello?! I live in old-people-country South Florida you’d think the craft stores would be bangin’ around here, no? 
Anywho… here’s the top of the mobile:
[I hot-glued all the flower pieces onto the already made white wired wreath]
I decided I’m going to hang it above the changing table instead, since there are little “crystal” flowers and balls, and I wouldn’t want one accidentally falling off while she’s sleeping in her crib.

Here are the little birdies that’ll hang from the wreath:
[I made two of each color, and the bottom right is a light pink–it came out kinda funny]

Next, B and I teamed up to build the little babe’s shelving/organization unit:
[I swear I helped. I was pretty nifty with the screw driver!]

[The little stuffed animal dog on the bumbo was my very first stuffed animal my mom ever bought me at Tavern on the Green in NYC]

Indy, of course, had to check it all out. I even caught him trying to steal the little caterpillar toy on the far left:
A hard day’s work…

But a huge success! And an even bigger thanks to my ah-maz-ing hubby for helping me out… even after his big test that day.
[You’re the best, babe!]

*Here’s the template for the bird mobile, in case you’re curious.*

Tour de livery (said with French accent, of course)

Yesterday evening we toured the Women’s Center at the hospital I’ll be delivering Little Miss at. It was just your average general information session, where we were able to tour the hospital as well as sign up for classes. The hospital is just a ten-minute car ride from our house, although I’m sure on D-Day it’ll feel like ten hours! What I like about the Women’s Center is that they have private labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum rooms. I wish we could have taken pictures, but there were so many people around. Inside each of the rooms is a private bathroom, bed, baby warmer, bassinet, recliner for Dad, and small table and chairs.

We went ahead and signed up for all our classes, too:

We opted to do the Prepared Childbirth Weekend instead of the 5-night series because of B’s school schedule. We weren’t sure if one of the 2-hour classes would be the night before a big test. We’re also taking Training for Labor Coping, Baby Care Basics, Breastfeeding Basics, and Infant Safety & CPR. Basically, every one they offer 🙂 They also have prenatal yoga twice a week, which I’ll be sure to take advantage of! The tour was very exciting, but also very surreal. This baby is coming in three months—WHAT?! CA-RAY-ZEE I tell ‘ya!

**Nursery update… Her itty bitty clothes are being washed as we speak. We’ve encountered so many generous people whom have already helped out so much. I can’t wait to separate and fold her freshly washed onesies. On an even better note, we finally have a place to put all her clothes. B and I went to Target (said with French accent, too) last night and bought a shelving unit with canvas baskets to store some of her clothes, blankets, and books. I would put it together myself if it didn’t weigh a b.a.z.i.l.l.i.o.n pounds.

And for no real reason at all, other than to have a picture… because let’s face it, posts with pics are better than posts without pics, here’s my furbaby, Indy… just chillin’. 
He helped me sort through the baby’s clothes before putting them in the wash this morning, and I may or may not have tried on all the little hats on him. And he may or may not have participated consensually.

Swoon over it.

We’ve finally decided on bedding for our Little Miss! Even before I knew I was pregnant, I flipped through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog at work and fell.in.love. with this baby girl bedding.

Once we found out we were having a girl, I rushed back on to the website to drool over look at this precious set. But of course, why do I have to fall in love with something that’s a bazillion dollars from Pottery Barn

Go figure.

So, we shopped around Babies R Us and Target, and I looked on Amazon, but there was nothing that I was completely sold on. We went ahead and put one on the registry (a sort of vintage/shabby chic theme), but my mind still kept going back to the PB one.

Well, it must have been my lucky day, y’all, because last night I thought, hmm I wonder if PB has anything on sale? Ah ha! Right there in the second row of the sale section was my dream baby girl bedding…


I love that it’s yellow. And I love that it’s babyish, because after all she’s not going to be a baby for long, but it’s also not your typical baby girl bedding. It’s a little more original. 
[Well as original as you can get with Pottery Barn.]
The only difference is that her crib is a medium-dark wood. Should look great together since there’s brown accents in the set.

And I found this little DIY project that I think will go perfectly above her crib. Thank you, Martha.

What’s really ironic is that for the majority of my life, I’ve been afraid of birds. Like, terribly and anxiously afraid of anything with feathers. In fact, my fear was so bad that two years ago I had to be hypnotized because I wouldn’t even walk around a lake if there were ducks. Seriously. But it worked. And now, I want a bird theme? Weird. LOL.

What do y’all think? Honestly. I can take it.

P.S. Thanks, Mom! 🙂 you’re the best!!