6 Months! & I Spy Something Shiny!

Emmalyn Grace

You are 6 months old!
{May 17, 2011} 

6-Month Baby Stats

What did I do to deserve such a great little sleeper?! You are ready to go to bed anywhere between 7 & 8pm, and don’t make a peep until 7 or 8 the next morning. You wake up so happy, too, “talking” and babbling like it’s nobody’s business. It’s my favorite time of the day with you.

Daily Routine
Not much has changed in the routine department. You wake up between 7 & 8, are up for an hour, then go down for a nap that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After your first nap, you eat solids, then are up & playing like a fool. In the later afternoon you gobble up some more solids. You start fussing sometimes as early as 6, so it’s bathtime {which you love!} followed by a bottle, book, songs, & prayer.

So far, you’ve had brown rice, sweet potatoes, peas, and pears. Your favorite is pears, followed by peas. Next, I think we’re going to try carrots. I am making 90% of your food. However, because of the move, and our freezer going kaputz, you had organic peas in a jar. The pediatrician gave us the go-ahead on puff-snacks and meats… yum!

At birth: 6lbs 14oz
Current: 14lbs 12 oz

At birth: 20 inches
Current: 25.5 inches

Diaper Size


Clothes Size
Anywhere from 3 to 9 months. Ya never know!

Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: my MIL thinks dark, hubby thinks blonde… so we’re going with golden brown lol

Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
1 month: slate grayish/blue
2 months: dark brownish/green
3 months: brown with hints of green… debatable 
4 months: looking like they’re going to be brown like your mama, although there’s still a shimmer of green
5 months: Brown!
6 months: still brown, like yours truly

Mommy’s favorite moments

Hands down… when you laugh! It is the most magical sound in the world. I’m also loving that your personality is really coming out. Oh! And it doesn’t hurt either when strangers in stores compliment how well-behaved you are. At Easter Mass, you were awake and quiet the entire time. I base it on the fact that we’ve been taking you in public since you were itty bitty, so you just know.


You’re sitting up on your own!!

You are also getting on all fours, & rock back and forth. Any day now, you could be crawling. Let’s not get carried away yet, though. Mama’s not ready for this yet!
Today at the doctor’s office, you said, “DADDY” as clear as day. The pediatrician looked at us like, “Did that really just happen??” It was crazy. Now, we all know that she doesn’t actually know that her daddy is called “daddy,” but we can pretend, right?! Throughout the rest of the well check-up, she kept saying, dadadadada. Love it!

Your favorite toy

Anything and everything you can get your hands on. You reach for everything in your sight. Gone are the days of leaving things around the house. But you sure are a reader. You’ve been turning cardboard-book pages for over a month now. 


1st Passover with mommy, GG, & Grandpa
1st time you reached for your GG
1st Easter
1st night at the new house
1st time Auntie Shell & Uncle Mike babysat
1st time eating peas & pears
1st Mother’s Day
1st time in the pool at GG & Grandpa’s house

1st time you put your toes in your mouth
1st bath with cousin Lucas at Mimo & Papo’s


drum roll please…

this is a big one….


GG pierced mommy’s at 4 months, so when we went to the doctor today, mommy asked the doc if she does it in her office. She said yes, so we did it! You only cried during the piercing, and less than a few minutes after. You were such a champ!
{i know people have their opinions about this, but it was our choice as a family. i’m so glad my mom had mine down as an infant, so i wanted the same for my daughter}

i cannot believe you are six months!! 
emmalyn grace, you bring me so much love and joy every.single.day.

i love you, emmycakes!

forever your mommy!


5 Months!

Emmalyn Grace

You are 5 months old!
{April 17, 2011} 

5-Month Baby Stats

You are still sleeping through the night. I am so lucky. This past month you’ve been *telling* us you want to go to bed earlier. You start showing signs of sleepiness around 7-7:30. I get your bath ready, then it’s bottle, books, & bed. Sometimes you whine-cry for a few minutes, 
but you always end up drifting off to d r e a m l a n d.

Daily Routine
It’s sometimes unpredictable when you’ll wake up. Anywhere from 7 to 9am! The other day you slept in until 9:45!!! 99% of the time you wake up in a good mood, just chatting away. And when I come in to say good morning, you greet me with a 
huge gummy smile. 
You get your first bottle (still 5oz), then are up for about 45 minutes, then go back down for a nap, anywhere between 45 minutes-1.5hrs. 
When it’s time for your second bottle, you also get mama’s homemade rice cereal!
After that, the day is whatever we want it to be. We usually head out of the house around this time though, since you had a nap & a fully belly…. you’re a happy baby!
Typically, you cat nap in the car, & normally take an afternoon nap.
Around 5ish, you get some more rice cereal–mmm yum, riiiight??
By 8:30, you’re out!

Then we do it all again the next day!

We started solids on the 14th! Mama made you some homemade rice cereal.
I cooked brown rice on the stove, then mixed it with some water in the Magic Bullet.
I let it cool, then refrigerated it. The next day, I scooped out a small amount, warmed it up, mixed it with a little formula, & we were good to go.
Little Miss, you didn’t really know what to think?
You were smiling and spitting and gagging and allthatjazz!

{It’s been a few days, and you’re still trying to get the hang of it.} 

At birth: 6lbs 14oz
Current: 14ish lbs

At birth: 20 inches
Current: no idea! over 24” though.

Diaper Size
1-2 Costco brand/1 Huggies

Clothes Size
Oh who knows anymore!?! Anywhere from 3-9 months. You are wearing 6-9 months jammies for length, and 3-6 onesies/shorts.

You’re getting so big though! Look at you & Aidan now!

Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: brown–I swear she’s starting to grow more hair 😉

Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
1 month: slate grayish/blue
2 months: dark brownish/green
3 months: brown with hints of green… debatable 
4 months: looking like they’re going to be brown like your mama, although there’s still a shimmer of green
5 months: Brown!

Mommy’s favorite moments
I am loving watching you watch the world. It’s so fun to see you do new things almost every day. You just started reaching for me & it melts.my.heart. I love that you’re so well-behaved when we go out in public.

Indy’s really taken a liking to you in the last several days. He loves greeting you at the door, licking whatever he can find! And the proof is in the pic! Here’s your face right after he got you smack in the face! 😉


You can do a pretty good yoga cobra–you’re getting closer to getting on all fours.
You are more interested in things around you, and when you grab them, you actually hang on to them now.
You are rolling e v e r y w h e r e ! ! You can roll all the way across the room, and scoot yourself around.
You’re making new noises with your mouth, some that even sound like you’re saying *hi*
You can tripod-sit, but if you see something to your left or right…. tiiiimmberrr

Your favorite toy
you absolutely love your jump ‘n jive! You go to town on that thing! You love the musical mat that you can activate with your jumps. You squeal with excitement every time we put you in it. 


First time meeting your great-grandma “Georgie” (mommy’s gma)

First time meeting lots of great aunts, uncles & cousins
First full night without a swaddler
consistently rolling over both ways with ease
First time in your jump ‘n jive
First car travel trip (2 hours away) with JUST mommy & Indy
First big thunderstorm where the power went out (you slept right through it!)
New house!
Trip to the aquarium. You loved looking at everything!

Story time at B&N
You loved it! You sat quietly and watched the storyteller and the other kids very intently.

 {iPhone pic}

First drink of water
First solid food!
First time on a swing

{i promise she wasn’t squished!}

I’m having so much fun!
I love you so much, baby girl!!


Big Girl

Lookie who went to the doctor today for her 4-month well-baby check-up!
She was such a good girl, considering we had to wait an hour, and she was nakey most of the time. Poor chick.
She smiled at the nurses and the doctor when she came in. 
But then.
Then the shots came.
And tears.
From both of us.
Daddy went with Emmy for her two-month shots since I was sick, so this was the first time I had seen the most pitiful face on the entire planet.
But! she mommy survived, and eventually calmed down.
{I’m just glad it’s over}
Miss Em weighs 13lbs 8oz (50th %ile)
is 24.5in long (55th %ile)
Oh! & we got the go-head to start solids. eek! I can’t believe it! already??? saywhat?!
time for bed… g’night y’all!
(Coincidentally, Emmy’s new pediatrician did her internship at the same hospital B will be starting at this June!!)

4 Months & Whoopsie Daisies!!

If you stopped by earlier, you may have noticed something out of the ordinary. Perhaps, Emmalyn looked a little different in her pictures? Perhaps, maybe, it was because the pictures were not actually of Emmalyn…?? Perhaps they were of Little Miss Elli over at From Mrs. to Mama…?
Before you think I’m a total crazy person, let me explain…
I copy/pasted Elli’s mommy’s format of her 4 month post on Elli. I deleted Elli’s info/stats/pictures, and replaced them with Emmalyn’s, naturally. Well, I got a super nice e-mail from Elli’s mama letting me know that Elli’s pictures were on my blog. what.the.H?! I previewed and previewed and checked and checked my blog, numerous times… you know, for typos and what-not. Never once did I see pictures of anyone else but Emmalyn. But, sure enough, when I checked my blog from my phone… there was all of my information & pics of my daughter, BUT also pics of Elli.
I immediately apologized to Elli’s mommy–I felt terribly awful! 
Let me just say that I am using my parents’ stone-age computer. This never would have happened on my Mac, back home. (This is also why my pictures are small and grainy.. blech!) I canNOT wait until we move in (April 1st!) to our new house and I can get back to my Mac.
OK! So I hope that cleared things up. 
Now, for the re-post of Emmy’s 4-Month Update:
Emmalyn Grace,
Today you are four months old. & I am having the most fun with you! Your bubbly personality is a constant reminder to me just how wonderful life is. There’s no way I can have a bad day with you around. Sometimes, if I’m expressing a frustrating moment to someone, & I see you flash a big gummy-smile at me, I literally forget what I was talking about. I’ve been told by many people that you’re the best baby they’ve ever seen–and I agree! [no biases here, of course} I love watching you grow everyday, finding new things you can do. I am looking forward to moving in to our new house with Daddy and Indy. There’s a nice porch to shade you from the sun, & a big fenced-in yard for you to run and play in {not anytime soon though!} I could go on and on, and I will in your baby books, but thank you, my sweet angel baby, Emmy, for making me a better person.
Forever Your Mommy…
4-Month Baby Stats
The angels have blessed me in this department, kid. My darling daughter, you go to bed around 10 or 10:30, and don’t wake up until 8:30 or 9am. You have been doing this since you were six weeks old! You are still sleeping in my room (or shall I say your grandparents’ guest room since we are in between houses and cities). Most nights you wake me up with little mouse-like squeaks and giggles. Yes, you giggle in your sleep. It’s hilarious. Oh, and we can totally make noise around the house, while you’re asleep, and it does.not.phase.you. I’m talking, vacuuming, phone ringing, dog barking, doorbell ringing kind of noise… yipeee!
Daily Routine
 I’ve tried writing down your routine, and it’s just not practical. I can pretty much predict how the day will go until around noon, but that’s about it. Most of the time you wake up around 8:30am, & this is one of my most favorite times of the day with you. When I go in to get you out of bed, you have the biggest smile on your face…always!! I love it! I let you stretch on the bed, & we have a little “chit-chat.” Then, when I change your diaper, I sing you our three “Good morning” songs. You just smile and coo along…
After your first bottle, I’ll set you in the Bumbo while I either eat if I didn’t get a chance earlier, or finish getting ready. You love to watch your mommy beautify herself. Then, within the hour you start rubbing your eyes and I know it’s time for your morning nap. Normally, you’ll nap for another two hours. After that, it’s usually time for another bottle. 

The rest of the day is pretty flexible. If it’s a stay-at-home-kinda-day, we’ll alternate between tummy time on your activity mat, reading books, sitting outside in the shade, and following mommy around the house in your Bumbo. You love to sit on mommy’s lap and “talk.” It’s like we’re having our own secret conversation….
If we venture out, you’re always so well-behaved. You’re either sleeping soundly or lifting your head to look around. {I’m guessing you’re going to save your in-the-middle-of-target-tantrums for a later time?}
Anywhere between 9:30 & 10pm, you get a bath. And baby girl, you L-O-V-E your baths. You’re definitely like your mama in this way. You just lay back (in the sink, still–but not for long), while I pour warm water all over you. You don’t even mind when I let water drip down your face.

You are eating 5oz of formula, approximately every three hours, unless of course you are snoozing. I used to stop to burp you a couple of times during the feeding, but you started getting a little attitude if I took the bottle out of your mouth =P
Apparently, we are going to start solid foods this month. {will find out more at your next appointment}
At birth: 6lbs 14oz
A few days ago: 13lbs 2oz
{but this was done with the ‘ole mom-stands-on-the-scale-first-then-subtracts-from-combined-weight-method. totally accurate}
At birth: 20 inches
Current: No idea. But you have your four-month check-up on the 28th so we’ll find out then!
Diaper Size
You are wearing size 1-2 Costco diapers. These seem to be working the best on you. Sorry Pampers, but you did not hold up well in the blow-out test.
Clothes Size
I do not understand baby clothes sizes! No two of the same sizes are actually alike! {what gives?!?} You are mostly wearing 3-6 months, although you can still fit into some 0-3 and just 6 months. Makes no sense to me… This week, mommy’s going to go through your newborn clothes and pack them away [insert.tears.here]
Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: wellll… in pictures it looks like you’re still bald, but up close, it’s light brown in the back and blond on the top. But I’m not holding my breath that you’ll grow more hair anytime soon 😉
Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
1 month: slate grayish/blue
2 months: dark brownish/green
3 months: brown with hints of green… debatable 
4 months: looking like they’re going to be brown like your mama, although there’s still a shimmer of green
Mommy’s favorite moments
I cannot get enough of your smiles and giggles. You do it all.the.time. I love when I catch you looking at me, staring and studying my face so intently. 
BUT I think my most fav.or.ite. moment is when I lay you down in your bed at night, while you’re still awake… I say a little prayer, kiss you goodnight, & you show me the biggest!smile!ever!
{melts mommy’s heart every time}
When on your stomach, you are holding your head up for much longer periods of times. …Sometimes you don’t even put your head down!
You are TheDroolingQueen, emmycakes. I should invest in bib stock with how many bibs we go through a day! And you are constantly trying to gnaw on things.
You started laughing out loud. Like, full-on belly laughs!! zomg i love it!
You’re following objects that are at a farther distance. & whenever I walk across the room, you stop what you’re doing to follow me.
You are holding your head up nice and strong when you sit in your Bumbo. 
You started reaching for items and grabbing onto them–although they don’t keep your attention for too long. The other night, I had you in your Bumbo next to a shoebox and you leaned over & grabbed that sucker, pulling it over to you. {Perhaps you’ve inherited your daddy’s love for shoes?}  
You’ve started squealing in delight, especially if you like the song mommy’s singing.
You are continuing to roll over from your stomach-to-back, but have been doing this since you were a month old.
We’re still working on back-to-stomach… you can almost get flat on your stomach, but you haven’t quite figured out how to pull your arm out from under you.
The swaddler has been our best friend since day one {works like a charm every time} but two days ago, I thought we’d see how you did in just a sleeper. My girl, you did great! Still didn’t wake up once 🙂
You make razzberries.

& You try to stand up.

 Your favorite toy
You pretty much know how to entertain yourself. But I must say, you love to read/look at books. One day, I was reading a kid’s first-bible-book-of-sorts… you sat on my lap & let me read eighty pages to you!! {yes, that’s eight-zero…80!} I kept looking down to see if you were really looking, and sure enough–you were following along!
First trip to the zoo with mommy, Auntie Re (your godmother) & cousin Lucas. You basically slept in the stroller the whole time, and never once fussed!
Watched mommy play at her flag football game
You’ve started rubbing your eyes when you’re sleepy 
You found your feet!
MET AUNT DANA from NYC (aka mom’s BFF)!!!
let out a REAL.BIG.LAUGH! {courtesy aunt dana}
First picnic by the lake with mommy & daddy
First cold, unfortunately 🙁 But it didn’t seem to bother you the least! Just a very snotty nose and baby coughs. Mommy caught it though, and felt miserable all weekend. boo

First St. Patty’s Day (today!}

& in just one.short.day…
you will meet your great-grandma from West Virginia.
As well as aunts, uncles, and lots of cuzzies!

!!! WE CAN’T WAIT !!!


hey y’all!! please let me know if i fixed it. it seemed to have worked when i viewed it from my phone, but let me know! thanks for understanding 🙂


My heart is truly touched by all of your continuous well wishes and prayers. I appreciate all of the texts, e-mails, letters, and phone calls so many of you have given me. I will forever be grateful.
While I really want to express and share a lot more with you, I need a little more time to collect my thoughts and put them into words.
BUT! I will say, I am doing so.much.better. 
 Like 180 better!
Now for the good stuff…. 
I’m sure y’all are really curious to see how much Emmy has grown!
Until next time (and I promise it won’t be so long!) I leave you with this beautiful quote:
“Build on your hope, one day at a time,
Though the road be steep and hard to climb. 
The hurts of the past–they should be dead.
The fears of the future are all in your head.
Just live in the present and refuse to mope.
Your life will sparkle for you’re living in hope.”
God Bless,


Dear Emmalyn Grace,

Oh my gawd! You are ONE MONTH old! I cannot believe it. I don’t even know where to begin or how to form the words I want to say. You are my everything. From the moment I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms, I knew you were mine f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The feeling in my heart in unexplainable. I just want to shout from the rooftops that you’re MY girl and are the most incredible being in the entire world. I don’t even think that would do my feelings for you justice.
The whole last month has gone by way too fast….  

There are many things that happened this FIRST month:
At three days old, you found your thumb and love it. You sometimes like tummy time, but mommy makes you do it any way, which is why you have such strong neck muscles already! You’ve been strolled around the neighborhood numerous times. And while you hate being put in your car seat, once we’re moving you’re a happy little baby. You’ve experienced your first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. 

On December 1, you went on your first outing with just Mommy. We went to a “Little Nippers” class at the Women’s Center for new moms. It was a huge success because you were such a good girl [thank you!]. On the 3rd, we decided to give you a pacifier because you’re always trying to suck on your fingers or ours. Sometimes you like it and other times you spit it out. You’ve had your first playdate already, with Aidan, and he was just smitten with you. You’ve also had your first tear, but just out of your left eye. You’ve been a busy little bee, too, running errands with mommy to Walmart, Target, Michael’s Crafts, Petco, and Publix. You’re such a good little helper 🙂 

You’ve only had one really cranky day [knock on wood]. You had your first diaper blow-out and Mommy froze! (ha!) Thank goodness GG was here to help. You had your first ‘real’ bath and you weren’t too pleased. Mommy and Daddy got it on the video camera and we can’t wait to show it to you one day. Your second and third baths went much better! You didn’t even cry until it was time to get dressed. We think you’re going to be a water baby. [Not like you have a choice because Mimo and Papo can’t wait to take you out on their boat and teach you how to water ski.] 

Mommy and Daddy have been waking you up at night to feed, but since the doctor was pleased with your weight gain, she said we didn’t have to wake you up anymore. So, Tuesday, (Dec. 14) night, you felt asleep at 11pm and Mommy ended up waking you at 5:30am to eat, then you went back down until 8:30am! You love sleeping in your sleep-rocker and mommy loves that you’re right next to her. Noises don’t seem to disturb you–especially your furbrother’s barks. [thank goodness!] I don’t know how long you’ll stay in our bedroom, but for now it works for everyone.

We’re so happy you are so low-maintenance [I wonder how long that’ll last! hehe] In the mornings, you listen to Mommy sing her two ‘Good Morning’ songs (off-key of course) and when you’re fussy, you love Daddy’s ‘Curious Baby’ song he made up. I love just watching you watch me. And when you smile? Oh, how my heart melts. And when you stick out your bottom lip when you’re upset? Heart.melts.even.more. Mommy calls you “Sour Puss” when you do it. [Oh, but it’s so cute]

Emmalyn, I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. You have been my strength through these hard times. I love you so much it hurts.
With all my heart and soul…
Forever your Mommy,
I love you…

Birth Weight:
6lbs 14 oz.
Current Weight:
7lbs 8oz
Birth Length:
20 inches
Current Length:
20.5 inches

A look back at the FIRST MONTH:

I love her.