Our Cowgirl Boots Are Packed, Y’all

Tomorrow, I will be taking my girl on her first airplane! To Texas.

To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement.

If you know me, you know I’m a total planner; complete with a check-list of my check-list, and a chock-full of realistic possibilities stacked up in this little head of mine.

I imagine the worst-case scenario not because I’m a pessimist (I’m not!), but because I want to be ready. I expect the best, but prepare for the worst. I can’t help it. It’s in my DNA 😉

Overall, Emmalyn is a great kid. Strangers often comment on her laid-back demeanor.

But she’s two. & with that comes the “Terrible Twos.”

It’s funny because my husband and I have to remind ourselves that she is just two. We often *forget* because she’s so verbal. She talks better than some four-and-five-year-olds. So when she throws a ginormous tantrum we look at each other and say, “WTH? Why is she acting like this?”

“Oh yea.. she’s TWO.”

So anywho…. I’m nervous that she’s going to show her true colors on the airplane. & my husband isn’t going to be there to “lock her down” when she’s kicking and flailing her arms all over the place. Girlfriend is strong, yo!

I’ve reached out to people about their Tools of the Trade, to keep a curious toddler occupied, and here’s what I’ve collected:

Lollipops for her ears (which I’ve never given Emmy before)
A new toy… I bought a mini “I Spy” book with a mini magnifying glass, plus a friend is lending us a sticker book
Band-Aids (for her to open and stick all over herself)
Snacks!!! (granola, raisins, veggie straws)
iPad with headphones
empty H2O bottle
Books/Flashcards (I bound them together so they don’t scatter all over the place. Thank you, Pinterest)
Change of clothes
Emmy’s “nigh-nights” (her blankets) A MUST!!
Plus, we are checking her stroller and car seat at the gate

// // //

Any seasoned mommas have advice for a newbie like me?

So our trip doesn’t look like this…

Please & Thank You!

& don’t forget to wish us luck!! =)


Forgive me.

Forgive me, Followers, for I have sinned.

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post.

I don’t know why I wait so long in between posts.

Oh, wait! Yes I do. I have a two year-old. That’s right.

We’ve been busy bees lately….

We have been working on potty training, which went swimmingly for a good two-ish months (I’m talking like no diapers during the day), until just a few days ago when Little Miss decided she will run to her room, shut the door, and have an accident. Defiant little thing, she is.

Speaking of swimmingly, Emmalyn is back in swim lessons this season. The first day she cried and cried and clawed onto me, but by the second day she was saying, “I’m a good swimmer, Mommy. Let’s do it again!” Thank goodness, because she doesn’t have a choice but to be a fish. Both my parents and in-laws have pools. Plus, we are moving and will be ten minutes away from the beach.

Yep. We’re moving. Again.

Emmalyn isn’t even 2 1/2 years-old yet and this move will be her third house.

We are moving to Florida’s Panhandle so the hubs can pursue his residency in Family Medicine. He graduates THIS JUNE!!! Finally... four years of med school are a thing of the past. Now onto the tedious hours of residency. Sheesh!

I will post a picture of our new house once we are the official renters (May 11)–I don’t want to jinx myself! We found the most perfect home for our family of three (& poodle pup). Plus, there’s an extra bedroom for the hopes of an extra little… 😉

Speaking of extra littles… I soooo have baby fever! If it weren’t for the fact that I’m in my best friend’s wedding in June, AND we are moving in two months, I would be making a prego announcement. But because of my horrendous Postpartum experience with Emmalyn, there’s a lot more planning/preparation that needs to go into this (future) pregnancy. For one, I’m still on my medication. Even though it’s the lowest dose, I would still feel a lot more comfortable if I wasn’t on it at all. Secondly, I will need to find a new psychiatrist and OB-GYN in our new city. Once we are settled all around, you can bet I’ll be in full baby-making mode 😉

So what’s new with you? Do tell!


A Chicka Chicka Birthday Party

A cool, overcast morning welcomed the start of my baby girl’s second birthday–a day I had been anticipating for a long time. Months of visualizing, planning, and creating was finally here. My favorite book as a child was about to come to life for my own daughter. 
Life is so much sweeter as a mother. 
I enjoy life immensely more, seeing things through my daughter’s eyes.

As if on cue, the clouds opened like a curtain, debuting the Florida sunshine. My vision of Emmalyn’s second birthday party was exceeded, above and beyond. Emmalyn was surrounded by a plethora of friends and family. The best part was that we actually had littles at her party this year! Seeing Emmalyn race to her friends in excitement, and introduce them to those around her, was a favorite moment of mine. (That–and the adult relay race we had!)
: : :
Just like last year, we hosted her party in our backyard. We’re sure going to miss this oasis when we move for B’s residency this spring.
 Chicka Chicka Bounce Bounce
Mama’s & Papa’s Mimosas
{spiked pink lemonade & sparkling peach moscato}
The guests signed a brand new copy of the book. Someone did not tell this mama that books cost $17.99 nowadays!? WTF?! I think I’m going to have people sign in a *themed* book every year for Emmy’s birthday.
Chicka Chicka Chicken (from Chick-fil-a) & Flip Flop Fruit
 Pileup Pasta
Full Moon Favors … a.k.a. Chocolate-covered Oreos with sprinkles!
Dare Double Dare Dip
Happy 2nd Birthday!
A B Cookies & Boom Boom Brownies
{a.k.a. diabetes brownies & death by cookies}
The moment Emmalyn had been waiting for all day!
 ! C A K E !
Yes, my child WOULD put all the candles back on the cake instead of actually eating the cake.
just a few of Emmy’s friends…
: : :
It was a perfect day, for a perfect party, for a perfect little girl.

Thank you to everyone who made her party possible!!

& a special shout-out to my husband, who helped make Emmy possible 😉


My baby girl will be two in two days. 
I cannot believe it.
I cannot. I cannot. I cannot.
{the little engine who could, anyone?}
What was I saying?
Oh yes! Emmalyn will be two on Saturday.
It’s crazy. 
You know, when Emmalyn turned one, it was exciting to me. It meant we had *survived* the first year of parenthood. But now that she’s turning two, I’m kind of sad. It means she’s not a baby anymore. Now, some could argue she hasn’t been a baby for a while now with the way she can carry on a completely comprehensible conversation with strangers, but otherwise she’s a baby.
Two is not a baby anymore. She’s seriously so grown up. I know, it sounds kind of ridiculous, but she is. She says things like:
“How are you?”
“Where are we going next?”
“Name’s Emmy. Nice to meet you.”
“Indy’s a good boy. I feed Indy Cheerios. He’s hungry. Indy’s so funny.”
“May I have it?”
“Come here. I have to tell you something.”
“Did you have fun at yoga, Mommy?”
It’s unreal.
She knows her ABC’s, counts to 16, counts backwards from 6, can spell “Emmy”, and can do a forward roll. She sings songs from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, in addition to the toddler standards.
& turning two would not be complete without a full-on tantrum in Target. One that involves kicking, screaming, and throwing oneself onto the floor–all because one does not want to sit in the cart.
Like I was saying, she’s not a baby anymore. 
Because I always look on the bright side, I know I should be thankful my daughter is two. & trust me, I am. I am seriously so super blessed to have a healthy and happy little girl.
But for reals… TWO?!
: : :
more to come // we are celebrating emmy’s 2nd birthday this saturday… chicka chicka boom boom style
even more to come // how i am doing two years after postpartum depression

: : :



PPD + My First 5K

My journal entry from February 2, 2011


Written first-thing in the morning:
Affirmation of the day: I AM CAPABLE.
Today, I am staying home from the partial-hospitalization program to be with Emmy. My therapist suggested this so I can put my coping skills (and everything I’ve learned) to use. Then tomorrow, I can talk about it in group therapy.
I am feeling confident that this day will go well. I know what I need to do, and I can do it. I will persevere!
Written later that same day: 
I am feeling discouraged right now. 3-4pm seems to be the time of day that gets me down. It’s really frustrating. Right now, I feel like, “How can I do this everyday? Is this really my life? When will it all be over?” I know I’m not supposed to project predicaments into the future because I’m going to feel different then, than I do now, but I can’t help it. I don’t know what I need. 

I was doing so well this morning. 

But now? 

Now I feel very discouraged and incapable. 

It scares me because it’s not who I really am. 

It doesn’t make any sense. 

My dream was to be a stay-at-home-mom.  

So why is this happening to me?  

Why am I so miserable? 

This isn’t supposed to happen to me. 

I feel like I’m being punished.

– – – –

The latter is just an example of how mixed up my emotions could be. I felt like this e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. for months. I’d wake up chipper and confident, then throughout the day I’d feel like my world was crumbling apart and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
Over and over… again and again. It. Was. Exhausting!
I recently ran my first 5K. It’s the most I’ve ever ran my entire life. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up and walk. But I promised myself from the beginning that walking was not an option. I was going to run the whole damn thing! The race wasn’t a straight line. No, it would be too easy if you could see the finish line. Instead, the race took me through neighborhoods, downtown offices, and a lake–turning and swerving all the way. [Just ask my poor unsuspecting collar bone who got a nice jab from the elbow of a 6’5” man.]

& just like the race, Postpartum Depression took me through numerous turns and swerves. As soon as I was confident that my triumph was finally coming to an end, BAM! another curve would pop up.

Damnit… it’s not over yet. 

Okay, just a little bit more….

You can do it. 

Just keep breathing.

Keep moving.

Keep doing.

You’ll get there. 


Don’t walk. 

Don’t let yourself down. 

I imagined my husband in the sea of cheering people, running alongside me, shouting encouraging words: You can do it, Katie. You’re doing great, Sweetheart. You’re almost there. Just a little bit longer. Look! You can see the finish flags!

My husband was my #1 supporter and encourager during the toughest stretch of my life. Not a day went by where he didn’t tell me he believed in me–that I’m a wonderful mother. I was surrounded by many people who told me it would get better. And just like the race had to come to an end at some point, so did my postpartum depression.

I just had to keep moving, believing, and persevering.





Obsessed does not even begin to describe how I feel about this girl…
 This chick has been growing & learning like crazy, y’all!
She’s over 15-months old now. Can ya believe it?!!?!
Every night before bed, I quickly jot down whatever it was we did that day. I also write down the day’s “First’s” if there were any. & most of the time there were!  
It’s hard to keep up and remember e v e r y l i t t l e t h i n g Emmy is learning.
‘They’ say, Early Walker, Late Talker, right?
Well, around these parts, we have an Early Talker, Late Walker.
Emmalyn took a couple of steps right around her first birthday, but had absolutely no interest in taking things further. Honestly, I could care less because I wasn’t ready to chase after her. People at playgroups would say things like, “She’s not walking yet? How old is she?” & sometimes I’d respond back with a, “Nope. Not yet. But have you ever seen a five year-old who wasn’t walking because they didn’t start right at 12 months..?” Seriously, people.
What Emmy lacks in the mobility department, she definitely makes up for in the verbal department.
Girlfriend can talk! and talk… and talk… and talk…
& not only that… she can identify all the words she can say!
It would be practically impossible to remember all the words she knows if I didn’t write them down.
Thankfully, I have a little Type A in me, and have conveniently kept a journal.
My Little PSA: This is a total ‘braggy’ post about my girl. What mama doesn’t like to brag every now and then? Am I right?! So yeah, consider yourself warned 😉
Without further adieu, I present to you…
The vocabulary of Emmalyn Grace:
Ava (her baby bff)
all right
all done
BopBop (what she calls my dad)
bless you
bye bye
brush teeth
(Chicka Chicka) boom boom
chicken/bak bak
cheers (clanks cups together)
choo choo
duck/quack quack
dog/ruff ruff
Em-me-me (Emmalyn)
fish/(moves lips up and down)
GG (what she calls my mom)
good girl
night night
good morning
goody goody (like in the song)
gorilla/ahhh (while thumping chest)
good job
hi baby
here you go
I love you
Itsy Bitsy
I missed you
Jingle (the husky pup/book)
kiss (kisses, blows kisses, eskimo)
lady bug
Mimo (what she calls my MIL)
Mick(ey) Mouse
make up
monkey/ah ah
(“How old are you?”) one/holds up one finger
oh no
owl/hoo hoo
one, two, three
Papo (what she calls my FIL)
row row
Santa/ho ho ho
stand up
see ya
bah-berry (strawberry)
 moomie (smoothie)
uh-ghetti (spaghetti) 
thank you
turkey/gobble gobble
Twinkle, Twinkle
uh oh
(purses lips together and blows out air to whistle)
yee haw
Songs Emmy can sing/sing-a-long to:
ABC’s, Wheels on the Bus, Barney’s I Love You, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row, Pat-a-Cake, Selena Gomez’s Love Song
& honestly, those are just the words I’ve remembered to catch/write down. It’s unbelievable to me just how much information my daughter retains!
Happy Sunday, Y’all!

9 Months!

Emmalyn Grace

you are
9 Months Old!

STATS @ 9-month check-up
Weight: 16lbs 10oz
Height: 27 inches


To My Sweet Angel Baby,
I thank God every.single.day for blessing me with such a happy and laid-back baby. You only ever cry when you’re hungry or tired. You’re such a delight to take on outings, especially restaurants since you have such a relaxed disposition. I’m always impressed by how well you sit at the table in your highchair like a Big Girl and join in on the conversation. Even when we go to Daddy’s basketball league games, you patiently sit in your car seat, intently watching every little thing going on—all the while smiling at the people in the bleachers.

Your GG still enjoys watching you every Wednesday while Mommy & Daddy go to Yoga. I think ‘enjoy’ is actually an understatement… I can never tell who’s face lights up first: hers or yours? Now on Thursday mornings, your Mimo watches you while Mommy teaches dance to three & four year-olds. I can’t wait to sign you up for your first dance class. We’ll be drowning in tu-tu’s and bows at our house when the time comes, but it’ll be a blast!

I must say–you’ve been exceedingly sociable this month, little one. You met a couple of Mommy’s sorority sisters, family-friends Liz & Maya from up north, and spent the day with your Aunt Dana while she was in town from NYC. She taught Mommy how to work with you on your baby signing. 

You weren’t particularlly all that interested in veggies these past few weeks, but it seems to be picking back up. You’re totally in love with oatmeal and every kind of fruit you’ve tried thus far. Chicken has been a huge hit this month, too! You understand how to feed yourself puffs, yogurt melts, and bits of food, but sometimes the hand doesn’t talk to the mouth and your hand forgets to let go of the food. But girl, you’ve got determination!
You are now pulling yourself up in the “corral.” & Mommy was very astonished to find you standing up in your crib one morning. I couldn’t believe my eyes! This new talent of yours led to Daddy lowering your crib all the way.
Emmy, you were invited to your first 1st birthday party! Your friend Eliana turned one and we were there to help celebrate. The party was held at an indoor play area & you had the time of your life, never once hesitating to join in on all the excitement.
This past weekend, we went to the west coast to surprise our Med School friends Aric, Ashley, & Aidan before they move back to Colorado. Josh & Rachel let us have a slumber party at their house, making it the first time you stayed over at a non-family member’s house. As a mother, I never know how you’re going to react to a change in the environment, but Girlfriend, you amaze me. We were in the car the majority of the day on Friday, missing your nice afternoon nap—but you hung in there until after 9pm… just carrying on with Mommy and Daddy’s friends over dinner. After bath time, you were in Dreamland until 7 o’clock the next morning.
This surprise also included your first trip to a Splash Pad. Seriously, you could not have been any cuter, missy. You marveled in amazement at the “big” kids, running past you. An upside-down pail and shovel were all you needed to complement you in the Florida sunshine. Water was soaring through the air every which-way, leaving freckles of water all over your pudgy little legs and chubby cheeks. But you didn’t mind one bit! In fact, you sucked the refreshing water all the way to your marrow, sharing your gummy smile with everyone who passed by. Speaking of gummy smiles… you are still toothless. The Tooth Fairy must be saving up a fortune for you, with the way she’s making you mommy wait!
If being at the splash pad wasn’t enough fun for a little one, we joined up with a bunch of 3rd-year Med school students and their wives & children for a Going-Away BBQ. After a well-rested nap, you were ready for round two! Again, you were fascinated with watching your girl friend Story, and future hubby Aidan, splashing all over. You didn’t even mind when they tried pouring water on your head!

I think the most memorable moment for Mommy this last month was watching you interact with Story and Aidan. Let me rephrase that…. watching us moms try to snap pictures of you three littles, calling out, “Story kiss Aidan!” & “Aidan kiss Emmy!” It was a riot, I tell ‘ya! But goodness gracious, you were so happy; crawling on the pool pavement, chasing after the two big littles. Mommy’s heart was filled with so much warmth.

This month, you started making the best face ever! The Surprise Face. AKA The Infamous Emmy Face. We don’t know where it came from, but you are constantly making people laugh and bringing joy to anyone who encounters The Face. I get asked at least once a day by someone if you always make “that face.” The answer is: Yes. {& it never gets old}
Emmalyn Grace, I pray you always stay as genuine as you are right now. 
You make my days brighter and your GG a fighter.

I love you, EmmyCakes!
Forever Your Mommy…

Your favorite toy is Flopsy, given to you by family-friends from England.
Your face lights up and breaks out into a huge smile every time you see her.

8 Months

Emmalyn Grace
You are 8 months old!
{July 17, 2011}
My Sweet, Sweet Angel Baby,

The past month has been one of many changes and milestones. You are now not only crawling, but cruising through every room of the house. We can’t take our eyes off of you for one second–because if we do, your puppy’s raw-hide conveniently finds it’s way to your mouth. (yes. yuck!) 

You have met so many new faces over the last few weeks, including lots of cousins. Over The Fourth, Mommy, GG, & Grandpa, took you to Tybee Island, Georgia. It was your first vacation, as well as the first time out of Florida. I must brag say, that you were quite the star traveler. You were content either sleeping or playing with books and toys in your car seat. Mommy was a little concerned about how you were going to react to spending a week with 25 family members in ONE beach house, but you loved it! You sucked up all the love and attention. What was most wonderful about the trip, was that your great-grandma was there, along with all nine of her great-grandchildren.
You were especially fascinated by your three year-old cousin Carter, watching his every move and hanging on to his every word. You were entranced by his Lightening McQueen and Holley Shiftwell, swiping them from Carter every chance you got. You weren’t too sure about his little brother, Will, though. It was the first time you had been around someone your size, as Will is one month older, and you just didn’t know what to think of him. Will is a Professional Speed Crawler and I think it may have intimidated you. When the two of you were in the pack ‘n play together, he would literally use you as a stepping stone to get to the other side. I thought it was kind of hilarious and adorable. You–not so much.
The sand was where we could find you. You much preferred sitting in a puddle of water on shore, digging your hands in the sand, over splashing in the ocean. You only tried eating the sand a couple of times, making a sour face when you did. It was remarkable to me how easy-going you were. You made it stress-free for me to lather you up in sunscreen, tote you down to the beach for a bit, then let you splash around in the pool to cool off. Mommy even gathered up enough courage to ‘dunk’ you under the water for the first time. Even though I used to teach swim lessons for years, the thought of putting my OWN daughter under the water gave me butterflies. But I did it! [twice, in fact] And you were a champ! You didn’t even cry or suck up any water. Thata-girl!
This past month has also brought a lot of curiosity. (Some have been known to call you “nosey.”) Before you were even born, I told myself the importance of letting you roam and explore for yourself. [with supervision, of course] Well, Emmy, you must have heard me say that because you are not holding back! You love to venture off, touching every texture, & grabbing anything and everything you can get your hands on. Often times, you are happy to play with your basket full of toys in your room; grabbing each individual toy, looking at it, putting it to the side, then picking up the next one. You do this until all the toys and stuffed animals are sprinkled across the floor, then move on to pulling books off your shelf. 
My favorite part of your growing are the new faces you make. Lately, you’ve found your “surprised” face, widening your eyes and stretching your mouth into a perfect oval. You know you tickle everyone who sees that precious expression. You’ve also begun shaking your head “no,” which has Mommy bracing for the future & already dreading the teenage years 😉 There’s not a day that goes buy where I don’t hear you laugh. Your giggles are contagious, especially when Daddy throws you up in the air, or Mommy finds your ticklish spot.

Mealtimes are going very well. You know how to recognize the sign for “milk.” You start humming, “mmmm…”, followed by fussing until you grab a hold of that bottle. Yogurt melts are a hit in this house. You delicately pick them up with your thumb and pointer, but you haven’t quite figured how to completely get it in your mouth. Apples & sweet potatoes mix were a hit this month (mommy agrees!), as well as pears & blueberries. You eat solids 2-3 times a day, in addition to your bottle. There were a couple of days where you just weren’t interested and I thought maybe you were cutting teeth, but nope! Not yet! Your mama was a late bloomer in the teeth department, so no high expectations here.

Thank you, dear baby, for continuing to sleep through the night. 11-12 hours! wowza! There were a few nights where you stayed up to nine or later, but you mostly lay down by 8; and don’t wake up until 7:30 or 8:30. Oh, how I love you for this. I absolutely never get tired of greeting you in the morning. In fact, I actually get excited about it the night before. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I know that when I wake in the morning, I can always count on your smile.

Your face lights up and a huge smile emerges every time Daddy comes home from work. The same goes for when you see your GG, Grandpa, Mimo, & Papo. You love climbing all over your daddy, touching and smacking his face. Another one of my favorite memories from this month is your new love of dance. I’m guessing you got it from watching your animated cousin Lucas, because now every time you hear music, you bounce up and down, kicking your legs to the beat–smiling from ear to ear. Do you see tutus in the future…?
A slight challenge this month as been our errand expeditions. I’m convinced a mother must have been the first to say, “You live and you learn.” Now that you’re older, you’ve embraced your mobility ability, and demand to be unconfined to your car seat. This means extra planning and cleverness on your mama’s part. Strip malls are the worst because do I keep you in your car seat and transfer you from cart to cart? But what if one store doesn’t have a car seat-friendly cart? [ehem, Stein Mart] Which store do I go in first? The one closest or furthest from the car? If I put you directly into the buggy, am I going to have to put you back in the car seat to drive to the other side of the strip mall because it’s one-hundred-and-five-freakin-
degrees outside? Oh, but wait, now it looks like it could rain! Are you as exhausted as I am?! With that being said, you really are well-behaved when we go out in public. I attribute it to the fact that we took you out from such a young age.
This past month also brought your first cold. Poor thing–you were snotty and stuffy for a good week. The boogie wipes could not keep up! But we made it through without a doctor’s visit, and I’m grateful we made it seven months before catching your first cold.

Becoming more boisterous has been a new hobby of yours. You discovered the volume of your voice while we were in Tybee Island. Maybe it’s because there were so many people, and you just wanted to be heard? Well, we’re listening Little One! & so was everyone else in church last Sunday. In addition to being a wiggle-worm, you were bellowing out “Da-Da” in harmony with the organ. I’m still waiting on “Ma-Ma” 😉

My wish for you, Emmalyn Grace, as we head into this eighth month, is for you to continue exploring and pushing your limits (even if mommy isn’t ready), and to never stop showing off your gummy smile!
You light up my life. 
I love you! 
Forever your mommy…

Video: And She’s Off!!!

{captured yesterday}

My life has dramatically changed in the last twenty-four hours. I can no longer step out of the room for 2.5 seconds to grab something.  

Because if I do?

She’s already headed out the door and down the street!

As I’m typing this, Emmalyn’s already managed to get from one side of the room where her toys are, to where mommy’s picture frames are lying, waiting to be filled with photos of her sweet face.
How did this happen?!?
Oh boy, I’m in trouble now…
This weekend the hubs ‘n I are getting away for a couple of nights to celebrate our 

seriously... how did this happen?!

7 Months!

Emmalyn Grace

You are 7 months old!
{June 17, 2011} 

7-Month Baby Stats
You’re still a sleeping champ, kiddo! Averaging in at 11 to 12 hours per night, there’s no complaining here. Just lots of thanks to The Big Man Upstairs.

Daily Routine
Here’s the low-down:
Lately you’ve been waking up closer to 8am. You play for an hour on the dot, then go down for a nap that has actually been getting shorter; about 45 minutes [boo!]. After your first nap, mommy feeds you solids (usually oatmeal with a fruit). Then it’s whatever we want to do–play, errands, be outside…
Later in the afternoon you chow down on some more solids. By then, it’s usually bath time {which you STILL love!} followed by a bottle, book, songs, & prayers.

I’m so glad you are such an easy-going/laid back baby. There are times when we are out past your bedtime and you just  go  w i t h  t  h  e    f   l   o   w
{thank you!}

This month, you were introduced to carrots, bananas, oatmeal, turkey, yogurt melts, & spinach.
The yogurt melts did not go over too well. I don’t think they melted fast enough..?
Initially, turkey was not a hit, but last night, you gobbled them up pun intended mixed with sweet potatoes.

At birth: 6lbs 14oz
Current: 15 + ?

At birth: 20 inches
Current: No idea… at least 25.5 inches

Diaper Size


Clothes Size
Anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

Hair Color
At birth: bald
Currently: light brown

Eye Color
At birth: dark blue
Current: 100% Brown-Eyed Beauty

Mommy’s favorite moments

I love how observant you are. You study & take in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g around you. I love watching you explore–touching new textures, searching for new sounds, & pushing your limits.


I was spying on you on the video monitor & witnessed you try to pull yourself up. Sorry, sweetie, but the breathable bumper is not going to hold your cute, chubby legs 😉

You’ve started crawling! It’s uneasy and inconsistent, but you’re determined! You look like the hungry caterpillar creeping through a cupcake and slice of pie.

{i promise i’ll upload a video asap!}

Your favorite toy

Anything and everything you can get your hands on. You reach for everything in your sight. Gone are the days of leaving things around the house. & if mommy would let you have my iPhone, that would be your toy of choice.


First time you sucked on some paper & gagged on it. {like i said… no leaving things around the house anymore!}

Carrots, Bananas, Oatmeal, Turkey, Spinach
First trip to the BEACH!!!

 {this face reveals your reaction to the first touch of sand. priceless. doesn’t every mom need one like this for the books?!}

{you ended up patching up your relationship with the sand, but weren’t too keen on the waves. You much preferred to sit in a puddle of water and sand under the umbrella}


Memorial Day 
{thanks troops! especially daddy!}

Met cousins Elena & David, & their three children, Kenna, Evynn, & Jesse, from Texas.

 {i die for this pic. i love how evynn is holding emmy’s head & kenna is kissing her arm}
You are now holding your bottle yourself 
{my life just got a whole lot easier!}
First cold 🙁
But you are feeling much better now!


happy 7 months baby girl!

i love you, emmycakes!

forever your mommy!